18 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

I am now 18 weeks pregnant with our third child. The pregnant belly continues to protrude. The pregnancy pants that fell off of me 2 weeks ago, now fit. I am growing and so is this darling little baby inside of my belly.

18 Weeks Pregnant

Speaking of belly – behold it’s my 18 weeks pregnant belly shot!

18 Weeks Pregnant Belly Shot

I couldn’t bring myself to do an actual photo this week, so I went all artsy fartsy with this pregnancy belly shot.

Zofran While Pregnant

Only vomitted twice this past week and resorted to Zofran just a few times. Appetite is back, but is odd – but I am not complaining. I also was able to walk all week! Yay, no herniated disc issues, that is such a huge relief! Herniated discs during pregnancy while puking – that’s just a bad combination all around.

Only 22 or so more weeks little baby girl and we’ll meet!

Did you see our funny gender reveal video?

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