20 Toddler Meal Ideas for the Picky Eater

Looking for toddler meal ideas for your picky eater? Are you tired of feeding your picky eater the same thing over and over again? We went thru this with a few of our kids when they were toddler age. STUBBORN. If you are stuck in a rut when it comes to toddler meals and snacks, check out these 20 ideas that will hopefully get your toddler excited to eat!

Toddler Meal Ideas for Picky Eaters

20 Toddler Meal Ideas for Picky Eaters



These are the perfect breakfast food or snack ideas for any toddler. You can also make it for yourself, which is a double win.

Fruit Filled Pancakes

If your toddler is tired of regular pancakes, try filling the pancakes with something like fruit. You can put blueberries, strawberries, or any other fruit you like. It might take some time to find out which fruit your toddler prefers though.


Muffins are fairly simple to make and you can make a variety of them for your toddler. Consider freezing some so you can just pull it our when you’re ready.

Scrambled Eggs

Making eggs for your toddler is so easy, but when you scramble them you’re making it easier for them to eat. You can add cheese or veggies to the eggs, to make them even tastier.

Fruit Filled Jello

Why not? If you can’t find anything else for your toddler to eat for breakfast, try fruit filled Jello.


Butter Pasta

Does your child have a hard time eating things like sauce? Try making simple buttered pasta for them. This makes a great food that you can throw in the fridge with a few cherry tomatoes and take on the go.

Homemade Mac & Cheese + Turkey Dogs

You can make your toddler’s favorite meal a little healthier. Try making homemade mac and cheese plus using turkey dogs. I always make sure to cut up the turkey dogs into bite size pieces until they are older.

Diced Chicken

It’s so easy to make hotdogs, but consider making diced chicken for your little one. You can stick a chicken in the crock pot and then cut up little pieces. Serve with boiled carrots and fresh fruit.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Crackers

If your want to give your child a really easy lunch idea, then peanut butter & jelly crackers is awesome. This is one lunch idea that they will get a little messy with, but it’s worth it.

Mini Burritos

Adults love burritos, so why wouldn’t a toddler? You can fill them with cheese and meat and zap them in the microwave or bake them in the oven. This is another great food to let your toddlers help you make. Let them put in the cheese and push the buttons on the microwave.


Chicken Salad

Anything you can put on cracker or a slice of whole wheat bread is an awesome idea. Just make sure your chicken salad is really chopped up.

Grilled Ham & Cheese

Take some leftover ham and your toddler’s favorite cheese and make grilled ham and cheese. It’s so good and your toddler will love it. If they don’t like ham, then you can make it with turkey or whatever other meat your child likes. If they don’t like meat at all, you can leave it plain.

Spaghetti with Hotdogs

You may have seen this idea on Pinterest and it’s pure genius. Take your spaghetti noodles (uncooked) and put cut up hotdogs on the end. The spaghetti cooks with the hotdogs and everything expands and cooks together. It ends up looking really cool!

Homemade Chicken Tenders

chicken tenders toddler meal idea

Instead of making the chicken tenders really big, you’ll want to make them almost bite sizes. You can give your toddler a side of their favorite dipping sauce.

Chopped Salad

Toddlers can eat salad too! In fact, the more you introduce this sort of stuff to your toddler the more likely they are to like it later in life. Let them choose what veggies they put on their salad. You might have to do a little “chopping” to help the salad get into bite sized pieces.

Snack Ideas

–        Yogurt Parfait (Add plain/vanilla yogurt and you get to add fruit to it as well).

–        Granola bar—Make sure it’s soft enough, you can even make these yourself.

–        Cut up Fruit- Slice up bananas, apples, fruits, or pears, and let your toddler dig in.

–        Cheese- This is like the ultimate snack because it’s filling and fun to eat. You can even put it on little toothpicks to make it even more fun.

–        Cheddar Cheese & Crackers—This one is always a hit with the kiddos.

–        Apple Slices and Yogurt—Yes, this is as yummy as it sounds.

–        Dried Cereal- Whatever kind of dried cereal you have in the house is perfect for a toddler snack.

All of these meal ideas are perfect for the toddler of your household. You’ll never have to worry about what to feed them again because you have this list on hand.

What meal ideas would you add?



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