5 Games My Toddler Has Played in the Toilet

I have no idea what his fascination is with the toilet, but our toddler Izaiah is in L-O-V-E and I am D-I-S-G-U-S-T-E-D!

5 games my toddler plays in the toilet

Why? No matter what we do, he still finds his way to play in it.

Toddler Toilet Games

Here are 5 Games My Toddler Has Played in the Toilet.

1. Throw the iPod in the Toilet

Yes, my oldest son’s iPod was recently thrown in the toilet by my toddler. Thankfully, we had a super duper iPod case on it.

With some quick thinking from my husband, he immediately turned the iPod off, stripped it of it’s case and set it to dry so it still works…. fortunately.

2. Plunge the Toilet and Then Scatter Toilet Water Through Out the House

Yes,  Izaiah has taken the plunger on numerous occasions, swirled it around the toilet then drug nasty toilet water through out. Just lovely, ain’t it!

3. Wash Your Hair in the Toilet

Disgusting as it is, Izaiah recently washed his hair with a cup leaning over the toilet bowl with toilet water. I gagged and am gagging typing this.

4. Use the Toilet as a Water Fountain

Recently my husband bought me personalized coffee mugs as a sweet gift. Izaiah thought it would be sweet to use them to drink from. Yes, you guessed it. He used my mugs as well cups to drink from the toilet – easy access just like a water fountain but at his height.

5. Clean the Toilet

While it’s great and all that our toddler appreciates a clean toilet, him cleaning it just isn’t what we need. Nor does the bathroom floor appreciate it.

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Does Your Toddler Have a Fascination with the Toilet?

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