50 Free Kindle eBooks for Kids

We just did a massive purge in our house as we prep to put it on the market – one of things that had to go was a large amount of kid books. Over the years we have collected hundreds. Add on my garage sale shopping mom’s dump of a few boxes of children’s books last year – we were drowning in these books that we never read.

50 Free Kindle eBooks for Kids

Just about every night before bed, we still read a book to our kids – though we are digital folks so most are online. The kids’ iPads have the free Kindle app installed so we open up a book and read from there. This also let’s us know where the iPads are each night. If we don’t confiscate them, these kids will play all night long.

If your kids are into eBooks – you will love this list. We’ve rounded up 50 FREE Kindle eBooks for Kids!

The Imaginary Friend | Kelly Hashway
The Mystery of the Missing Money | Paul Moxham
Little Caterpillar and Cricket | Beata Noemi Balint
Abigail and the Jungle Adventure | Tali Carmi
Hippo Hippy | Sigal Adler
What the Fox Learnt | Aesop
Adventures in Cutie Patootie Land and The Pizza Party | Starrie Sky
Junior Ghost Hunters – Case of the Chadwick Ghost | Sam Grasdin
Shirley Link & The Safe Case | Ben Zackheim
Prank Gone Wrong | PJ Ryan
Watch Out for the Bears | Gillian Rogerson
Diary of a Horse Mad Girl: My First Pony | Katrina Kahler
The Hidden Horrors of Henry Hoggle’s House | Felicia Harper
The Lunch Lady’s Daughter | Roderick J. Robinson
Alyxa – Dragon Charmers Book | Linda McNabb
Why Do Dogs Smell Butts? And Other Animal Questions Kids Ask! | Jem Brooks
Middle School Millionaires | Roderick J. Robinson
A Pixie Called Pudding | Travis Flynn
Pierce Winds and Fiery Dragons | Nan Sweet
Diary of a Superhero Kid | Boyd Brent
The Ugly Princess | Beata Noemi Balint
Animals Give Kisses Too! | James Mayrose
The Mystery of the Missing Device | Gabrielle Michael
101 Dog and Cat Jokes for Kids | IP Grinning
The Mystery of Smugglers Cove | Paul Moxham
Benjamin Dragon – Awakening | C. G. Cooper
Helga: Out of Hedgelands | Rick Johnson
No Exit – The Apple Grove Gang | Hamilton C. Burger
Silly Monsters ABC | Gerald Hawksley
Jake Bakes Cakes | Gerald Hawksley
Noah Zard: Mammoth Trouble | D. Robert Pease
Treasure from the Past | H.Y. Hanna
The Stolen Kingdom | Ross Rosenfeld
Nightcat | Celesta Thiessen
Michael Forgives His Tuxedo | CP Lowe
Zorek’s Pyramids | MV White
The Stolen Kingdom | Ross Rosenfeld
Dancing With the Sun | Ally Nathaniel
Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know | Hamilton Wright Mabie
Norbet The Horse | James Sutherland
Lily Lemon Blossom – Welcome to Lily’s Room | Barbara Miller
Terry Treetop and the Lost Egg | Tali Carmi
Tongue Twisters for Kids | Riley Weber
A Little Mouse’s Journey: A Little Story | Lucas Hosby
Orangey the Goldfish | Eddie Bee
No Way Out and Other Scary Stories | MJ Ware
The Ugly Duckling | Hans Christian Andersen
Knock Knock Jokes for Kids | Johnny B. Laughing
Diary of America | Jay Ross
A to Z of Silly Animals | Sprogling’s Children’s Books


dr seuss

Happy reading, enjoy!

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