Baby Standing Up in the Crib – FUN an 8 Months Update

Here is your baby 8 months update – including info on this baby standing up in the crib, illegal I say!

That said, my kid did it. The last of my four did it. The baby does something illegal. What did he do? HE STOOD UP IN HIS CRIB. Yes, he is 8 months old – thankfully he took a bit longer to break this rule than the other three kids. That said, it doesn’t make the situation any better.

8 Month Update

Our sweet fourth child is now 8 months old. He is definitely the baby of the family. While our others were babbling at this age, this one is taking his sweet time on complete words. There is the mama and the dada and the pointing.

8 month baby update
8 month baby update

Let’s face it, being the baby with three older siblings – talking isn’t that important to him. He knows how to make himself heard when need be.

Baby Standing Up in the Crib

For the love, this is my last baby and how dare he learn to stand in the crib! We know how this ends.

Yes, 8 months old – I shouldn’t be surprised about my baby standing up in the crib. Soon he will be standing and screaming every time I enter the baby nursery. Gone are the days of a sweet crying baby laying down, the boy has done stand up and I’m just not happy about this.

baby standing in the crib 8 months
baby standing in the crib 8 months

Pulling Up and Trying to Stand

So obviously the baby standing up in the crib shows that kid can now pull himself up. While he is trying to stand after pulling himself up, he has yet to do this successfully.

In this casa, I have implemented a no more growing up rule. Enough with the getting bigger stuff. Now he is pulling up like a champ and this standing up in the crib thing is a nightly ritual.

What an 8 Month Old Baby Eats

Our 8 month old baby is starting to explore more in the food area. For months we have been on basic baby food and have held off on really introducing too many solids.

8 month baby eating
8 month baby eating

Well, that changed. I am happy to report in our 8 month baby update that baby 4 is almost off of baby food!

8 Month Developmental Milestones

Baby 4 is hitting most of his 8 month developmental milestones. He can sleep thru the night, currently I am loving all the sleeping he is doing but know this won’t last.

Baby scooting is the cutest and this dude has it down. He rocks back and forth and scoots across the floor – in addition to crawling.

8 month old baby
8 month old baby

Read more about development milestones for ages 7-9 months.

Not much other news for month 8. I am sure now that my baby is standing up in the crib, the next thing is he will be pulling up on all the furniture and then soon walking. Slow down time, this is my last baby and I want to enjoy every minute with him.

I guess we are off to month 9. I swear, it feels like yesterday I was 15 weeks pregnant and had no idea what to do because I was having child number 3. Here we are 4 kids later, bless.

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