Cocaine Found on 92% of Changing Tables

cocaine snorted on changing tables

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to changing a baby in public – the last thing I care to do is take my kid to the bathroom to change him. I get grossed out, so easily – the thought makes me GAG!

When I read about how 92% of changing tables in the UK were found to have cocaine on them… 2 thoughts.

1. OMG someone HAS to be high to stick their nose to a changing table

2. And this is reason 11,250,292,234,983 why I won’t use a changing table in public

I don’t care if it’s the UK or USA – those tables disgust me!

WHAT No Public Changing Table?

So what do I do when the little pooper poops or pees? I change him in my car.

We always carry a back-up diaper bag, that is stashed in the back of the car. We use this as our make-shift changing station. I would much rather my car have a little poo in the back than putting my kid anywhere near the nasty of a changing table!

Sure I could use liners, or what you – but still too close for comfort.

4 months into Zeke’s life and no public changing tables for him!

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One of my co-bloggers, Madeline Petersen over on Babble recently blogged about this: Read her post: Found What on Public Baby Changing Stations

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