NEW UNTAMED Dinosaur Fingerlings Just Launched!

DINOSAUR FINGERLINGS! YES! The latest edition of the popular Fingerlings toy by WowWee just released and if your kids love dinosaurs, they will adore these.  We also are giving one away, along with a few other prizes! Keep reading to learn more!

New DINOSAUR Fingerlings

Our friends at WowWee just left a present on our door and our boys are obsessed. Meet the newest edition to the WowWee Fingerling line, the UNTAMED raptors! 

The new Dinosaur Fingerlings just launched and are sure to be a hit with the littles. 

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New Fingerling Toys - UNTAMED Dinosaur

There are four different dinosaurs to collect. Each new Fingerling has it’s own unique name and personality.

We received STEALTH

Untamed Dinosaur Fingerlings

Here are which UNTAMED toys are in this collection: Stealth, Blaze, Fury and Razor.

Untamed Raptors

Each comes complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws. These fierce and friendly interactive pets react to touch and sound. They come equipped with over 40 different sounds and animations! 

Where to Purchase Untamed Raptors

The UNTAMED Raptor Fingerlings can be purchased at any major retailer – or of course Amazon


How to Play with the New Untamed Fingerling

Here is how you play with the new dinosaur toys. There are several ways to play and interact with your new pet. You can play in tamed mode where the Fingerling is your friendly companion – OR untamed where your toy becomes a BEAST! 

UNTAMED or TAMED how to play with fingerlings

How to Get into Tamed Mode

Want your Fingerling to be your friend? Stroke it’s head, starting at the nose and ending at the back of its head. Alternatively, stroke starting from the back of the head to the nose. He likes that and will become friendly. 

How to Get into Untamed Mode

In Untamed mode, the beast is unleashed! Your dino Fingerlings will become ferocious. Here is how to enter Untamed mode:

Poke it’s face 3x

Hang it upside down

Shake it

Other Ways to Play with Your Fingerling

New Fingerling

  • Pet your Untamed Fingerlings
  • Tap its nose: once, twice or three times for a surprise sound and reaction. 
  • Tap back of its head: once, twice or three times for surprise sounds and reactions. 
  • PRess and hold sensors on the nose and the back of the head for a funny surprise. 
  • Press and hold the back of its head: ROAR ATTACK!
  • Clap once or twice: for fun reactions…. he may even sing you a song!
  • Hang your Untamed Fingerlings upside down: Careful, he might not like it.
  • Blow in it’s face: AHHH CHOO!
  • Cradle your Untamed Fingerlings: Time for a NAP!
  • Be Nice to Your Pet!

Remember never to immerse it in any water or liquid, drop or kick it. Excessive force when turning the dino’s head or opening its mouth can hurt him – so avoid that as well!

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