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Best Finding Dory Toys – 12+ Finds Your Kids Will Totally Want

Just wait, Finding Dory toys will totally be on your kids’ wish list after the Finding Dory movie drops on June 16, 2016. The Disney-Pixar movie is all the buzz and surely to be a block-buster sensation.

“Finding Dory” reunites the unforgettable but very forgetful blue tang fish, Dory with her loved ones. Everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way.

Finding Dory Toys

If your kids loved this Finding Nemo follow-up movie adventure from 2016, then these Finding Dory Toys will not disappoint!

best finding dory toys
finding dory toys

Whether its for a birthday gift, a “just because” or maybe you are already shopping for Christmas (no judgement here!) Here’s a list of toys featuring friends from the movie.

Finding Dory Plush Stuffed Animal

The Finding Dory Plush Stuffed Animal is the perfect way to start our list of Finding Dory toys. If your little one loves the blue Dory fish, then this plush will be their perfect companion and friend.

finding dory plush stuffed animal
finding dory plush stuffed animal

This is an authentic Disney store product. Coming in at 17 inches long, this is the perfect size stuffed animal for your child to love on.

The Finding Dory Plush features a 3181 yellow tag on her right fin just like in the movie. (Want to learn why the 3181 tag was on Dory? Watch this YouTube video and learn.)

Looking for a Finding Dory Squishmallow? So are we! Unfortunately, it seems to be that the Dory Squishmallow is a urban legend.

More Finding Dory Stuffed Animals

Looking for the whole collection of Dory friends? Check out these Finding Dory Stuffed Animals collection that features

finding dory stuffed animals
finding dory stuffed animals

Here is more of the gang in stuffed animal form.

  • Baby Dory – this 8 inch Finding Dory stuffed animal is what you would find at the Disney Parks. Buy on Amazon
  • Finding Nemo Plush – you can’t think about Dory without her sweet friend Finding Nemo! – Buy on Amazon
  • Squirt the Turtle Plush – who knew the far out turtle would be an extremely rare and hard to find of the Finding Dory stuffed animals. – Buy on Amazon
  • Bailey Plush – Bailey is a beluga whale who Dory befriends. This Finding Dory plush is 18 inches tall. – Buy on Amazon
  • Gerald Plush Finding Dory Toy – unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find Gerald the Sea Lion plush yet.
  • Becky Stuffed Animal – Another Finding Dory stuffed animal we aren’t able to find is Becky doll or stuffed animal. Becky is the bird from Finding Dory. Want to know what kind? Becky is a female loon.
  • Destiny Plush – Unsure if she is a shark or whale, this Destiny plush is cute whatever she identifies as. – Buy on Amazon

Octopus Finding Dory Hank Plush

If you adored Hank the Octopus, you are in luck! Here is another hard to find stuffed animal. The Finding Dory Hank Plush is adorable.

finding dory hank plush
finding dory hank plush

Finding Dory Figurine Set

Next on our list of Finding Dory Toys is a figurine set. Featuring both Dory and Nemo, this Finding Dory figurine set features your 2 favorite fish figures in an underwater set – including 2 underwater homes.

finding dory figurine set
finding dory figurine set

Looking for a Finding Dory cake topper? Use these figurines on top of the Finding Dory cake. Not only will you have an adorable Disney themed cake, but your child will also have a set of fun figurine toys to play with after the cake is eaten!

Finding Dory Books

Perfect for little readers that love the blue fish, check out this collection of Finding Dory books!

finding dory books
finding dory books

From sound books to board books, here are the Finding Dory books your kids will love.

  • Finding Dory Golden Book – the classic golden book series now includes our favorite fish friend, Dory! – Buy on Amazon
  • Ocean of Color Book – Dory is the main character in this step into reading book. – Find on Amazon
  • Finding Dory Coloring Book – keep little hands busy while coloring picture of Dory. – Buy on Amazon
  • Swim Along With Me Sound Book – read and enjoy sounds with this sound book. – Buy on Amazon
  • Finding Dory Book Series – Fishy Friends and Family is a series of board books about Dory and friends, perfect for ages 0 to 3 years old. – Buy on Amazon

Pool Toys

Look what we found! Finding Dory Toys for the pool. Have your little fish swim and play with Dory and friends with these fun Finding Dory pool toys.

These pool toys featuring Dory, Nemo and friends also make great bath toys!

finding dory pool toys

Disney Dory Dive Toys

Disney Finding Dory Dive Characters from SwimWays are a three-pack of soft and flexible character dive sticks!

Bath Toys

Finding Dory Bath Toys are the perfect way to act like a fish while playing with your favorite characters.

finding dory bath toys
finding dory bath toys
  • Squirt Toys – featuring Dory, Squirt and Nemo – your little one will love squirting with these Finding Dory bath toy set. – Buy on Amazon
  • Disney Shampoo and Wash – the Dory shampoo and bubble bath set might be the perfect way to get your toddler clean without a fuss! – Buy on Amazon

More Finding Dory Stuff

We aren’t stopping with just Finding Dory toys, we also have found clothes, baby stuff, accessories and more that we know your Dory fan will love.


From t-shirts to pajamas, enjoy these Finding Dory Clothes finds.

finding dory clothes
finding dory clothes
  • Finding Dory Shirt for Girls or Boys – featuring the blue fish’s face, this Finding Dory shirt is available in multiple sizes (all the way up to adult sizing!) in a royal blue color. Buy on Amazon
  • Just Keep Swimming Dory Shirt for Boys or Girls – with the infamous Dory quote, “Just keep swimming…” this shirt will be a favorite for either boy or girl. – Buy on Amazon
  • Finding Dory Pajamas – it appears the Dory pjs and night shirt are no longer available.

Halloween Finding Dory Costumes

Looking for a Finding Dory Halloween costume? Look no further! We have multiples options so that you kid can dress up as Dory for Halloween.

finding dory costumes for kids and adults
Disney finding dory costumes for kids and adults

Disney Finding Dory Costume Tutu

This Disney costume does not disappoint. If looking for a Finding Dory costume and you want all the extras, this is it! Available in toddler size 2T to a child’s size 4-6x. – Buy on Amazon

Finding Dory Costume for Adults

Who says grown-ups can’t get in on the Disney Dory fun? We sure don’t. If you need an adult Finding Dory costume, look no further. – Buy on Amazon

Easy Dory Costume for Kids

This last Finding Dory costume is perfect for the kid who just wants to wear sweat pants or jeans but still look like Dory the fish. Just slip the Halloween costume over their head, throw on the fish hat and your child will be ready to roll out trick or treating as Dory the fish. – Buy on Amazon

We hope you enjoyed these fun Disney Dory toy finds!

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