Goodbye Summer – Hello Preschool

Saying goodbye to summer is bittersweet.  We had a summer bucket list that we didn’t quite complete, because – well life got in the way. Toddlers have taught me just to roll with whatever happens in life – blessings and curses. Thankfully, these situations were blessings!

goodbye summer fun

While the season didn’t go exactly as we planned, I think the toddlers had a fun few months using their older siblings for piggy back rides,  loving on their older siblings, playing in the water and enjoying a few boring days of doing nothing. Now that you are an adult, don’t you just long for those boring days? I do.

sibling love

The sleeping in until the toddlers wake up. The no schedule, no routine. The late late nights. All of that are just about GONE. Goodbye summer, you will be missed.  With summer going bye-bye, we have a plethora of new adventures that await us.  Our first big adventure for the toddlers is starting a new preschool.

New Preschool

The toddlers started a new preschool during the summer months. Unfortunately, while we thought we had a spot for the fall – plans fell through, so next week they will be starting another school. The school they were in during the summer is ran by the lady who taught our older kids from 2 until Kindergarten. I swear she’s the modern Mary Poppins.

goodbye summer

So this new preschool, is this little school that the boys visited during the winter. It’s nothing fancy, but the people are good people and that’s what I want for my boys. The women who run the school all exude this southern charm that I adore, you know: honey, sweetie, baby…  Some hate it, I love it. Several of the teachers are grandmas. Well I don’t know if they really are grandmas, but you know some people just have that grandma like quality to them. Yes, I am judging, but in a good way.

All that said, I know the boys will be loved on and that’s what is most important at 2-years-old and 3-years-old.

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Toddler Backpack Shopping

Part of saying goodbye summer, is the last minute rush to get ready for the school year. I feel like the last 2 weeks have been spent shopping, which typically I would love – but for back to school stuff, not so much and at brick and mortars? No thanks. I’m a tech mom who buys toilet paper and coffee online. But alas with this school $#|+ I must actually leave the house – what a pain!

While out and about, one of the things I wanted to do was get the toddlers new backpacks since we were already at the mall and all. The toddler backpacks I liked the most were at Children’s Place.  

We showed the boys the backpacks, and they chose their favorites. I had no idea these toddler boys would be so opinionated, they know what they want. Izaiah chose the monster. Zeke chose the puppy.

toddler backpacks

How fitting, I KNOW. Backpacks to match their personality. How cute are they? Oh and the toddler backpacks are cute too… They adore these things.

going to preschool

Poop Everywhere

Psst… this is a reality moment that some may find TMI. Sorry this is real life here people….

Yesterday evening, I took the older kids out for the night. We had some school shopping to do and I wanted to take them out to dinner and just enjoy some time with them. I call home to check on the toddlers, which I now wish I hadn’t.

toddler infestation

*phone rings*

Me: Hey
Husband: Can’t talk.
Me: Uhm, is everything okay?
Husband: NO, POOP EVERYWHERE – floor, Zeke’s feet, wall.
Me: Is Izaiah sick?
Husband: No. He’s. No. STOP LAUGHING. I really gotta go, there is poop everywhere.

*hangs up*

Apparently, Izaiah pooped. It landed on the hall floors (thank GOD for hard floors). Zeke proceeded to step in it. And the wall, I have no idea but thank you sweet Jesus for the invention of the steam cleaner.

Yes, I know TMI. Folks, I feel obligated to give you what reality is, as if you have toddlers – you are living this too. If you have girls, most likely it involves make-up and not poop, but you get my point.

Goodbye Summer Days

Goodbye summer – we will miss you, but not your 100+ degrees that you keep bringing Texas.

Until Next Week

Wishing you a week of sane toddlers and minimal messes….

This orange moscato is from me to you… virtually of course. You deserve it mom. *cheers* 

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