Having a Baby is a Pain – What No One Tells You About Child Birth

I love my kids. I absolutely love babies. If it weren’t for this things called a vasectomy, I would probably be pregnant with our fifth child. The husband didn’t want five and you know now that we are settled with four we are happy as a family of six.

All that said, and as much as I love the idea of having another baby – I can’t help but think about all of the pains involved with every aspect of child birth.


babies are a pain

There are so many things no one tells you about in regards to pregnancy and child birth. You see how cute the baby is. You hear about how a baby does this darling thing or that. The store is filled with baby clothes that make you want to play dress-up. Now listen, I totally don’t want to scare anyone from having a baby – well I will happily scare my daughter until she is married and in her late 20’s…. I just want people to know that certain things happen to your body when you are pregnant and then oh my GOD – afterwards that just NOBODY talks about.

untold truths

I want you to know it all. I want you to give birth and not be shocked when a lactation specialist grabs your boob. I want you to be ready to accept that you maybe sending your husband to the store to pick-up Depends after you have your child. I want you to know that while bonding MAY happen instantly, it may not.

There is so much that I want you to know! So, I wrote a book. It’s called: Untold Truth About Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy and Having a Baby.

 untold truths about pregnancy

I get straight to the point. I talk about getting pregnant – pregnancy and having a baby and all those details your girlfriend didn’t mention when she was telling you about how darling her little baby girl is.

I hope you will read it, and that it informs you of what to expect.

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Babies really are beautiful, and yes – having a baby is a PAIN. 


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