The Boy Who Needed a Sheep Costume

how to make a sheep costume

I am perfectly aware that someday my son will hate me for posting this photo on this blog. E, we love you – sheep and all. You will always be our little lamb. harharhar.

A few weeks ago, the school sent out an email letting us know our son E would be playing the role of SHEEP in an upcoming first grade musical called, Ei Ei OOPS.

E swore he was a lamb.  After some scouring of the interwebs, I learned that a lamb is a baby sheep. How did I NOT know this? (So in other words, if you need to know how to make a lamb costume – this will work as well). In addition to that insightful info, I found a few cute ideas on how to make a sheep costume. I mixed matched and he above is what it turned out like – uhm ADORABLE. This was super easy and comfortable for E to wear as he rocked his lines bah’n.

How to Make a Sheep Costume

Sheep Costume Supplies:

Sheep Costume How To:

  • Take a white hoodie and cut off the sleeves. Leave the hat on!
  • Hot glue cotton balls all over the front of the white hoodie jacket and the complete hood of the jacket. If you want, you can cover the complete hoodie jacket in cotton balls – but not necessary!
  • Take the white stiff felt and cut 2 sheep ears. Use the pink felt and cut 2 smaller inner sheep ears.
  • Hot glue the sheep ears on to the white hoodie.
  • Dress in a black long sleeve shirt and put on black gloves.
  • Bah Bah you are now a sheep.

Good luck on getting the cotton balls to permanently stick. Our house was littered with cotton balls for days!

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