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How to Make Quick Sand – Science Project for Kids

Let’s get sandy and learn how to make quick sand!

Our friends at YouTube Kids and HooplaKidzLab sent us a kit full of ingredients for several science projects for kids. ┬áLast week, I was down and out. We usually try to go out on the weekends, but I just couldn’t so we decided to crack out the ingredients and try out the Quick Sand Science Project.

how to make quick sand

First, if you haven’t already – subscribe to HooplaKidzLab YouTube channel. This fun kids YouTube channel is FULL of science projects for kids – your little ones will love them! The best part, the projects are simple and the videos are very clear on how to do each project.

How to Make Quick Sand

Here is what is needed for this Quick Sand Science Project:

Quick Sand Science Project for Kids
  • Vile of Food Dye (any color will do)
  • Box of Cornflour
  • Water
  • Bowl

Here are our kids giving it a go – we forgot to grab a figurine – we were all covered in quick sand goo by the time we remembered… next time!

The kids LOVED getting messy! This was a great science project as we were able to involve all 4 of our kids, ages 4 – 12! The project was totally simple to do – gotta love just a few ingredients.  I will say, if we do this again – we will do it either with a table cloth OR just do it outside.

Thanks again HooplaKidzLab and YouTube Kids!

P.S. Have you checked out YouTube Kids App? Do it! If your kids love watching YouTube, the kids app is the best way for them to access YouTube.

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