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Best Hydroflask Kids Water Bottles

Looking for the BEST Hyrdroflask kids water bottles? You’ve come to the right place. We are sharing are sharing the BEST finds for Them Kids and in this edition, learn about the best Hydroflasks for kids.

They are all the rage, but why? Why are them kids loving hydroflasks? Let’s dig into the popularity of the hydroflask kids love, what kind of water bottle is best for your littles and of course, the best Hydroflask dupes.

Finding the Right Reusable Kids Water Bottle

Finding the best Hydroflask kids will love probably means one of a few things.

hydroflask kids reusable water bottles - what you need to know before you buy
Hydroflask kids reusable water bottles – what to know before you buy
  1. Your kids have asked for a Hydroflask.
  2. You have a Hydroflask and you want a kids Hydroflask since you love yours.
  3. You need a good water bottle for your kids and you heard about this brand.

Hydroflask Kids Options

Whatever the reason you are looking for a reusable water bottle, we’ve got you. Let’s find them kids the best Hydroflask kids water bottle based on your child’s needs. These are just like the adult version with a few kid friendly differences.

Hydro Flask offers 2 Hydroflask kids sizes in several color combinations. Each of the styles made for kids feature a wide mouth option with a straw.

If you are looking for a reusable kids water bottle without a straw, you have 2 options. You can buy an adult Hydroflask water bottle that comes with a wide mouth cap rather than a straw, or you can purchase a wide mouth flex cap that replaces your kids straw water bottle cap.

hydro flasks for kids

Straw Lid

The Kids Hydroflask also includes a flip and sip straw cap. This makes it easy for little ones to drink.

Flex Boot

The perforated flex boot is a silicone protector that helps them kids better grip the reusable water bottle.

kid size hydro flask

TempShield to Keep Water Cold for Hours

Using a unique double-wall vacuum insulation, the Hydro Flask for kids will stay cold for hours!

Here are your options if you are looking to specifically buy a Hydroflask for kids. The first question to ask yourself is what size kids water bottle are you looking for?

12 Ounce Wide Mouth Kids Water Bottle with Straw

The 12 ounce wide mouth Hydroflask kids water bottle features a straw and comes in various colors. Available colors include: honeydew (lime green), paradise (teal green), ice (blue) and plumeria (pink.)

The 12 ounce Hydroflask is perfect for elementary age kids. Flip the bottle over and make sure to write your child’s name with a Sharpie in the designated location.

20 Ounce Wide Mouth Kids Water Bottle with Straw

The Hydroflask kids 20 ounce wide mouth kids water bottle also features a straw lid. Here are the colors the 20 ounce kids water bottle version comes in: jungle (lime green), island (teal green), cove (blue) and punch (pink.)

The 20 ounce Hydroflask is a great option is your child is either a big consumer of water or older. This reusable water bottle is perfect for tweens and teens. Flip the bottle over and make sure to write your child’s name with a Sharpie in the designated location.

5 Reasons Why You Will Love the Hydroflasks for Kids

Not sold yet, here are specific reasons why this brand is so popular with the parents an them kids. In addition of course to helping keep your kid hydrated!

why you will love the kids hydroflask

#1 Keeps Drink Cold for 24 Hours

Keep water cold for 24 hours!

#2 BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free

With many kids products a concern is the chemicals used in creating the product. Good news, you don’t worry about BPA or Phthalates with this water bottle. Kids Hydroflasks are free from both.

#4 Easy Straw Lid

While not leakproof, because let’s face it – KIDS, the easy straw lid is designed with kids drinking water in mind.

#4 Dishwaster Safe

Keep your Hydro Flask clean by using hot water and soap or throwing in the top of your dishwasher for thorough sterilization.

#5 Lifetime Warranty

Yes, you read that right. These products come with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers against manufacturer’s defects for the life of the product. If a manufacturer defect is found, Hydro Flask will replace any product found to be defective within the scope of normal and appropriate use. Read more about the lifetime warranty.

More Things to Know about Hydroflasks

While these Hydroflask kids reusable water bottles are made for kids, they are intended for children 3 years and older. So make sure your child isn’t using under the age of 3.

The straw should not be used as a teether. If your child is a biter, make sure that he or she is not biting or chewing on the straw.

Hydroflask kids water bottles are intended for water use. Don’t use with carbonated or pulpy beverages. Also, make sure to know these are not intended to be used with hot liquids. So don’t put soup in one of these water bottles!

Personalize with Stickers / Decals

One of the huge trends with kids and reusable water bottles is personalizing the Hydroflasks with stickers and decals.

personalize your kids hydroflask
personalize your kids hydroflask

From including their name to adding stickers that reflect their interests, these personal touches complete the Hydro Flask experience.

Don’t forget that the bottom of the kids Hydroflasks include a spot for you to write their name with permanent marker. This will come in handy as you are digging thru the school’s lost and found!

HydroFlask Dupes

If you are having a bit of a price tag shock and don’t care to spend $30 on a metal reusable water bottle for kids, totally understandable.

Here are several kid friendly Hydroflask dupes. What is a dupe? Think knock-off product. These are similar in design but cheaper in price. These offer similar features as the brand name Hydro Flask but at a much lower price point.

Remember that with Hydro Flask dupes most likely will not offer the same quality as the brand name.

Things to consider are the amount of time the dupe keeps your kids water cold. Ensure that the bottles are chemical free. Find out if they lids are spill-proof. No one likes a leaky water bottle!

yeti rambler junior hydroflask kids dupe

Yeti Rambler Jr Straw Water Bottle

This 12 ounce Hydroflask kids dupe comes in from another popular reusable water bottle brand, Yeti. The Yeti Rambler Junior features a handle, straw lid and many of the same features at a slightly cheaper price.

funtainer thermos hydroflask dupe insulated water bottle for kids

THERMOS Funtainer Insulated Water Bottle for Kids

Next on our list of Hydro Flask dupes, we have this super fun option from THERMOS. All the 90s kids probably remember THERMOS, as this brand was strong then. Their duper for the Hydroflask is this 12 ounce Funtainer. Not only does it come in Marvel themed, THERMOS has partnered with many brands to offer other these like Frozen. And at half the price of the Hydroflask, this maybe a great insulated kids water bottle option.

We hope this helps you find the perfect Hydro Flask for your kids.

Best Hydroflasks Kids Reusable Water Bottles is brought to you by Them Kids

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