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Awesome Kid Alarm Clocks – Help Wake Your Kids Up

With 4 children and 2 working parents, let’s just say finding the best kid alarm clocks was a priority this school year. Here is what we found to be the best clocks for kids!

Waking Up the Kids

Our kids growing up (such a wonderfully sad thing!) This year, with all kids doing virtual learning and 2 parents working full-time at home, we had to set some goals to help this house function.

Best alarm clocks for waking kids up in the morning

The biggest help for mom to function and get this house rolling in the morning is having the kids be able to wake up on their own.

Waking up the kids is a process and figured if we can just get them out of bed on their own that would save this mom at least 15 minutes in the morning.

teaching kids to wake up alarm clock for kids
Teaching kids to wake up independently and create a healthy sleep schedule.

I wish I could say this was an absolute solution to waking up the kids. Kids will be kids and things happen – they didn’t come with instructions, that’s for sure. That said, for the majority of the time, having an alarm clock for the kids that wakes them up is a time saver and awesome for productivity.

Best Kid Alarm Clocks for Waking Kids Up in the Morning

We are a big fan of alarm clocks around here. Our kids are tweens and teens now so this alarm clocks for kids list will help your kids get out of best.

best kid alarm clocks
best alarm clocks for kids

If you are looking for toddler alarm clocks – we have a post dedicated to helping your toddler stay in bed.

Let’s look at our favorite kid clock picks and help you find one for your kid’s nightstand.

Amazon Echo Dot – Favorite Kids Alarm Clock

First on our list of best kid alarm clocks is what we now use in all of our kids’ bedrooms – though, one teenager requires a second alarm clock that I will share about as well.

amazon echo dot kid smart alarm clock
best smart alarm clock for kid

The Amazon Echo Dot is our favorite kids alarm clock for MANY reasons. Not only will it work as an awesome digital alarm clock for kids it can do many other things like using Alexa as an intercom and reading ebooks to our kids.

Smart Clock

Amazon Echo Dot’s affordable price point and the ability to do more than act as a smart clock to wake up the kids makes this the best value and our pick for best kids alarm clock.

Digital Clock Face

A newer feature on the latest release of Echo Dots is a digital clock face on the Amazon device. In previous models, the smart speaker looked well, just like a smart speaker.

Amazon wised up and added the clock and this makes it even more of an awesome kids alarm clock because the kids can visually see the time, rather than asking “Alexa, what time is it.”

Tips for Using Alexa as an Alarm Clock

A few tips for using Alexa and the Amazon Echo as an alarm clock:

amazon echo dot alarm clock for kids
Use Your Amazon Echo Dot as a Kid Alarm Clock

Create a Sleep Schedule

Use the Amazon Alexa app to create your schedules.

Loud Alarm Sound

Set the Echo’s volume level to volume 10.

Multiple Alarms

This maybe the features that makes this the best of kid alarm clocks because you aren’t limited to the amount of wake up alarms you can set with the Echo Dot!

Unique Alarm Clock Sounds

Check out the Amazon Alexa routines in the app to create unique alarm clock sounds. One our kids wakes up by dogs barking. The dogs barking makes our dogs bark, which adds another wake up alarm to help him get out of bed.

Time to Wake Kid Alarm Clock

If you had a toddler clock, chances are you are familiar with the Time to Wake clock. Rather than for tots, this is for older kids!

time to wake kids Alarm clock
Time to Wake Kids Clock

This is a great transitional clock if you are moving from a toddler clock as the Time to Wake Kid Alarm Clock has sleep training features but works awesome for older kids as well.

Light Up Kid Clock

This light up kid clock does just what it says.

Wake Up with Light

If your child doesn’t like a sudden alarm sound to wake them up – you can set a wake up light alarm. You have the option to choose which color to wake up with and also if you want to wake up with light with no sound, or with sound. (You can also just set to wake up with alarm sound only, no light. )

Night Light

It lights up acting as a touch sensitive night light. With 3 brightness levels, find the best night light for your kid.

Sound Machine

The Time to Wake Kid Clock also features a sound machine. You can choose from 17 soothing sounds for your child to go to sleep from. The sound machine feature can be set to turn off automatically with an auto-off timer, or play the sounds the entire continuously.

go to sleep and wake up with nature sounds
Clock for kids that has a built in sound machine with nature sounds.

Here are the sound machine sounds of nature that this clock can play: thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, frog, cat, sheep cow or duck.

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I hope that this collection of kid alarm clocks help you find the best clock to wake your kids up independently and help with establishing your morning routine.

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