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Kids Birkenstocks – 7 Best Shoe Options

Looking for a cute paid of kids Birkenstocks? We’ve got you!

Who else grew up as teenager wearing Birkenstocks and now can’t wait to have a matching pair with your kid? They are great shoes that are made to last.

Birkenstocks for Kids

I remember when Birkenstocks were only sold in men sizes. Now a days, the brand has an array of shoe and sandal options for women, men, kids and babies too!

kids birkenstocks
kids birkenstocks

We are here to help be your personal shopping and today’s find, is finding you Kids Birkenstocks. Before we show your Birkenstocks for kids options, we first need to know what size shoe your child wears.

Kids Birkenstocks Size Chart

Let’s look at the kids Birkenstock size chart to help determine which size of shoe your child wears in this brand. Since Birks are made in European sizes, this child shoe size chart will help to know which size is best for your kid.

Kids Birkenstocks Size Chart
Kids Birkenstocks Size Chart

Top 7 Picks Birkenstocks for Kids

We are sharing our top 10 picks of Kids Birkenstocks, sharing why we love them and wear to purchase. Since COLOR is such a big thing for kiddos, we have done your sandal shopping in a color-coded manor. To purchase, just click on the image or button.

best kids birkenstocks
best kids birkenstocks

The various Birkenstocks for kids maybe available in additional colors. If you like one of the kids Birkenstock styles below, just click on the button or image and check the product page to see other colors that style of sandal is available in. Note, we may receive a small commission for any purchase made but it does not cost you anything.

Kids Pink Birkenstocks

If your child loves PINK, then these kids pink Birkenstocks will be a hit!

kids pink birkenstocks
kids pink birkenstocks

The Mayari Thong Sandal comes in pink, as well as 8 other colors – even silver!

pink birkenstocks for kids
pink birkenstocks for kids

Another kids pink Birkenstock sandal option is the Children’s Arizona Eva Beetroot. In a vibrant pink, these are too cute.

Kids Camo Birkenstocks – Milano Kids Sandals

Looking for kids camo Birkenstocks? There are 2 Birk styles that will have your kid sporting camoflauge sandals.

kids birkenstock camo sandals
kids birkenstock camo sandals

Arizona Kids offers a Birkenstock sandal for kids that is a more of flip-flop style and does not have a back.

kids camo birkenstocks
kids camo birkenstocks

Looking for a sandal with a back strap? The Milano Kids is a pair of kids camo Birkenstocks that offers a more secure foot with a strap across the back.

Kids White Birkenstocks

White goes with everything! Here are the kids white Birkenstocks that you are looking for. If you are worried about white sandals getting dirty, check out our Birkenstock cleaning guide below.

kids white birkenstocks
kids white birkenstocks

First up, we have the White Arizona Kids. These are waterproof Birkenstocks, which I know many parents will love.

white birkenstocks kids
white birkenstocks kids

The next up on our list of White Kids Birkenstocks is the Gizeh Essentials style sandal. Made with EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, these are perfect for the beach!

white birkenstock kids
white birkenstock kids

Last on our list of best picks for white kids Birkenstocks, we have the classic back strap to help keep those sandals on your kids’ feet!

These are the Milano sandal that are waterproof, skin-friendly and shock absorbing!

About the Birkenstock Brand

The beloved Birkenstock brand started in 1774 with a cobbler in Germany. Since then, the brand has grown and has been sold in the U.S. for 50 years!

What is the Birkenstock Warranty?

While I always assumed that Birkenstock warranty was a life-time warranty, but that is not the case. Per their website, Birkenstock footwear does not have a specific warranty or guarantee.

You are to return shoes to the retailer that you purchased the shoes from in accordance to their specific return policy.

Where Can I Get My Birkenstocks Repaired?

Birkenstock retail stores can repair your Birkenstocks. Also check with your local shoe repair store/cobbler.

How Do You Clean Birkenstocks?

There is a light coating of cork sealer on the exposed cork edge of your Birkenstock sandals. While this protects the cork and prevents it from drying out, after a period of time – your cork may appear that it’s drying out.

Cork Renew is a product that is affordable, easy to apply and can seal, waterproof and protect your sandals.

To keep your Kids Birkenstocks fresh, spray the entire food bed with Sandal Wash.

Do Kids Waterproof Birkenstocks exist?

Yes! Check our descriptions above, as there are kids waterproof Birkenstocks! If you have a pair of Birks that are not waterproof, did you know you can easily protect your kids Birkenstocks from water and dirt damage. Here is how!

The shoe product Clout Guard will help protect upper leather, suede and nubuck from water and dirt. Nubuck/suede can be brushed to pull up dirt and dust.

What Kids White Birkenstocks Styles Are There?

Here are the kids white Birkenstocks styles available:

  • Milano Essentials
  • Arizona Kids
  • Gizeh Essentials

Are There Kids Plastic Birkenstocks?

While there aren’t necessarily kids plastic Birkenstocks, there are several styles that are made of EVA. EVA is ethylene vinyl acetate. It is a high-quality, light-weight, elastic material that provides good cushioning.

The vinyl does give a plastic Birkenstock appearance.

Best Kids Birkenstocks is part of the Them Kids Trends for Kids Series

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