A New Chapter for Our Story – We’re Moving

we're moving
This is all of our excess junk and storage - stored in an 16x20 Pod - all just to stage the house. WEE!

This is the year for adventure with our family. In the last 9 months, we have added a new member, changed careers and now we are embarking on selling the house and moving.

10 years ago we built our house knowing it would be the home to any future children that we had. The house was way too big for just my husband and I and just 2 months after moving in, we found out I was pregnant (after years of infertility). As our family has grown from 2 to 6, this home we have built just doesn’t quite fit our needs anymore.

We’re finding our babies a new home. I am so excited as I am secretly a gypsy, and then on the other hand I’m full of question about the unknown.

The last 4 weeks have been a trip down memory lane as I scour through each and every nook and cranny cleaning and packing. Prepping a home to show isn’t easy. Prepping a home to show with 4 kids in insanity. Showing a home with 4 kids, uhm we aren’t even going there – yet. Let’s just say we maybe camping out at a hotel or family members’ homes on weekends.

This is just another chapter in our story.

Our next chapter is in the brainstorming process. We have down some general ideas on what we want to write, but know the actual writing is done by life. And in order to begin that chapter we have to finish our current one.

Wherever we end up. Whatever happens. We’re ready for an adventure. It seems to be a common theme with them kids.


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