Pete the Cat Gift Ideas – Perfect Gifts for Early Readers

LET’S READ PETE THE CAT. OMG. Who is Pete the Cat and WHY is my Kindergartener obsessed with him? Has this thought crossed your mind? 

For a few years there, Pete was pretty much a member of our family! Even though our boys are now 8 and 9-years-old, I’ll catch them reading a Pete book or that blue cat doll will be tucked into bed with one of them. 

Every night, it was all about Pete. We had a stray barn cat, guess what my kid named him? Yep, Pete.

When I asked my kid about what he did at school, it was all about Pete.

We had the same night night song since this kid was born – nope, the boys wanted Pete Walking in my Shoes. I thought maybe he mean these boots are made for walking, nope. He started blurting out “I’m walking in my shoes. I’m rocking in my shoes.” It got so bad that they even learned that they could have Alexa play the Pete songs.

Pete the Cat Gift Ideas

This blue cat may not be my thing, but the boys ate him up. If you have a Pete fan in your house, we have rounded up some great Pete the Cat gift ideas for your early reader. We still have a huge collection of Pete things!


pete the cat gift ideas

Red Shoes Just Like Pete the Cat

When our youngest, Zeke was in non-stop Pete mode, we bought him these Red Converse. Do they look familiar? He calls them his Pete the Cat shoes!

PETE THE CAT SHOES red converse shoes like pete the cat

He wore these red converse high tops so that he could be like Pete and his school shoes. His Pete shoes lasted until he outgrew them!

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And there you have it. A TON of Pete the Cat gift ideas for that kid who just can’t get enough of this cat.


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