Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day Box Fun for February 14 Party

Let’s make a Pet the Cat Valentine’s Day box for school v-day cards.

I want a Pete the Cat Valentine’s Box. These are the words that my sweet first grader told me. Since you are the baby and this maybe the last Valentine’s Day box this mama has to make – sure. Mama will do her best and I have to say, I’m impressed with how this Pete the Cat valentine box turned out. Let’s check out how to DIY this for your kid’s February 14 school Valentine’s Day party.

Pete the Cat Valentines Day Box

This stressed mom was at her wits end. We were living in a hotel because of our home experienced a flood of the toilet kind, making our home unlivable.

pete the cat valentines day box
pete the cat valentine’s day box

As if that wasn’t enough, my husband was a week away from going thru colon removal surgery. All is well now, but I have been meaning to blog about this Valentine’s card box – as you can see – mama has been busy with life.

So a mom on a mission, who was loaded with guilt – did her best to make her son a holder for cards that resembled a Pete the Cat Valentine’s box.

School Valentines Day Bags

As I was searching for a box for the Valentine’s cards to be held in, I learned that the task called for a BAG! Okay, actually this was so much easier. This project all starts with a medium blue gift bag.


I made a frantic rush to Walmart and this is what I came up with.

Pete the Cat Valentine Cards!

Not bad, especially when you are crafting in a hotel room with all of your typical craft supplies – SOMEWHERE in your house. Fortunately, I found a few of the crafty things at the house and was able to bring this little bag to the hotel. It’s laughable… NOW.

how to make a pet the cat valentine’s box

Let’s Make a Pete Bag!

The key is, like all DIY projects – do it your own way! Just use this as a guide.

[mv_create key=”41″ type=”diy” title=”Pete the Cat Valentines Day Bag” thumbnail=”https://www.digitalmomblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/pete-the-cat-valentines-day-card-bag.jpg”]

I should note, that my Zeke LOVED his Pete the Cat bag! It worked out perfect, held up well!

pete the cat valentines bag
pet the cat valentines box

The bag lasted us a few months until an unnamed kid loaded it down with books and it ripped. RIP.

If you have a kid who LOVES Pete the Cat, make sure you check out our Pete the Cat Gift Ideas.

Don’t miss all of our Valentine’s Day fun!

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