10 Kid Books about Potty Training

We are working our way through POTTY TRAINING. As I have admitted before, with our last toddler that took 18 months to potty train – I am learning, just like these boys are.  With my last toddler, he didn’t have the urge or care to pee in the toilet. Our soon-to-be 3 year old does actually want to use it. It’s just the consistency.

potty training books for kids

A good way to reinforce potty training is to use books. Kids love books, at least mine do. We read a book every night before bed, and then if your kid is one of those kids who likes to just linger on the toilet for long periods of time – these books would be great and a better alternative than the iPad. (I am so not judging, been there done that kid with a toilet on the iPad – whatever it takes for them to just PEE in the POTTY, right?)

Potty Training Books

Everybody Poops


This is by far our favorite potty training book and something I give often at baby showers.

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Potty Time with Elmo

potty time with elmo

Who doesn’t love peeing and pooping with their favorite RED MONSTER? This is a sound book as well. Toilet noise anyone? I just wish it would say “I go PEE PEE in POTTY!”

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Where’s the Poop

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A Potty for Me!


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The Potty Train

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Pirate Potty



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The New Potty

the-new-pottyBuy on Amazon

Even Fire Fighters Potty

firefighters-pottyBuy on Amazon

Poop There It Is

poop-there-it-isBuy on Amazon

There you have it, 10 potty training books for kids to start your potty training adventure!  Good luck! If you have a favorite book, make sure to leave it in the comments!




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