Pregnant in the Summer 100 Degree Days and Dehydration Help

Being pregnant in the summer is no fun. Here are tips learned after experiencing my third trimester in 100 degree heat.

So of course, here I sit nearly 9 months pregnant with our fourth child. We are in Texas and it seriously is hot as well. With over 40 days with the temperature over 100 degrees, this pregnant mama is NOT happy (but very sweaty.)

Summer Pregnancy

The first 3 pregnancies I managed to avoid the Texas summer heat. Got pregnant in late summer to early fall and then grew a baby over the winter months to deliver said kid in the Spring. That happened 3 times, but this fourth kid is full of surprises.

Let’s just say this being pregnant in the summer meme nails what it’s like to have a summer pregnancy in Texas.

pregnant in the summer meme
pregnant in the summer meme

Texas Summer Weather is No Joke

I’ve lived in Texas for all of my life, minus 7 months that we won’t talk about. I should know that Texas summer weather is no joke, but this year – its extreme. We have had numerous consecutive days with triple digit temperatures and it is a lot for this pregnant mama.

Doesn’t Texas summer weather know that I am growing a baby up in here. Alas, this Texas heat does not care.

summer pregnancy meme - i can't wait to be pregnant in the summer said no pregnant woman ever
summer pregnancy meme

Trying to deal with a summer pregnancy has been a challenged. Chasing three kids under the age of seven – all while being a working mom with two jobs has been a beating.

Something that I didn’t expect was the pregnancy dehydration due to heat situation that I experienced. That happened, and I want to make sure that this is something you don’t experience while being pregnant in the summer months.

3 Tips to Stay Hydrated While pregnant

pregnant in the summer dehydration
pregnant in the summer dehydration

Here are three things that I wish I had known that could have helped prevent me from ending up in the emergency room dealing with pregnancy dehydration.

#1 Liquid IV is your pregnancy bff to prevent dehydration

Electrolytes are your BFF in helping you stay hydrated. While sure drink all the water, but adding a Liquid IV can help with absorption and help prevent pregnancy dehydration.

liquid iv pregnancy dehydration
liquid iv pregnancy dehydration

To use Liquid IV, you simply pour one of the hydration packets into a bottle of water (or a 16 ounce glass of water.) To help with preventing pregnancy dehydration, make sure to get the hydration multiplier pack. The hydration multiplier electrolyte powder drink mix contains 5 essential vitamins including Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C. It’s also gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free.

#2 Avoid Outside When Possible

This may seem like a no brainer, but y’all the weather doesn’t care how pregnant you are. It takes aim at the population as a whole. If you can avoid being outside in the summer while pregnant – do that.

If you do have to brave the heat while pregnant, hopefully our third tip will help.

#3 Invest in a Body Fan

My husband had purchased one of these body fans for a Boy Scout camping trip and completely being honest I thought, how dorky! Y’all, being pregnant in the summer means that it doesn’t matter how you look. It is about taking care of you and the baby you are carrying.

summer pregnancy body fan
summer pregnancy body fan

These body fans go around your neck and act as a personal air conditioner. Bonus, not only are they great for summer pregnancies but also work well at theme parks and any other time you are outside or even inside but the temperatures are hot.

Pregnancy Dehydration Due to Heat

I ended up in the ER with dehydration. Pregnancy and dehydration are 2 things that neither are good and when you combine them, well yeah – not good. After receiving 2 bags of i.v. fluid and a nice nap on a stretcher, all was good.

Baby is in good shape, but that doesn’t mean this summer pregnancy is over yet. I want to help any other mamas dealing with being pregnant in the summer.

Looking Back

Update, this summer pregnancy was over 10 years ago! WOW. And Texas, you still have your hot summers that create misery but this particular summer was the hottest. Texas ended up having 100 days of 100 degree weather. That is just insane.

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