50 Great Snack Ideas For Your Big Game Party

Are you ready for the big game? While we only watch the Dallas Cowboys games – we do make a big deal out of the Super Bowl! Rather than going to a party with a bunch of friends, what we typically do is throw on own party. Hell, 4 kids – it is ALWAYS a party around here, the Super Bowl just gives us something to celebrate!

We typically choose 4-5 snack food items to serve while the game is on. The kids choose a few and then my husband and I choose a few. We break the “NO FOOD IN THE FAMILY ROOM” rule during the game, everything goes on the coffee table ready buffet style. It’s very laid back and lots of fun.

Super Bowl Snack Recipes

If you are looking for snack ideas for your big game party, here are 50 suggestions to get your mind churning.

  1. Fresh Guacamole *gluten free
  2. Super Bowl Beef Nachos 
  3. Parmesan Tortellini Bites
  4. Black Bean Hummus
  5. The Best Meatballs Ever
  6. Carolina BBQ Chicken Sliders ( A Sweet taste of the south)
  7. Brownie Fruit Pizza Bites
  8. Cucumber Sandwiches
  9. Cheesy Mushroom Dip *gluten free
  10. Ham Cheese Pretzel Bites
  11. Queso Blanco *gluten free
  12. Stuffed Mushrooms
  13. Buffalo Chicken Wontons
  14. Crazy Easy Pizza Pockets
  15. Chicken and Waffle Sliders
  16. Supreme Pork Tacos *gluten free
  17. Gluten Free Meatballs *gluten free
  18. Buffalo Chicken Pasta Bake
  19. DIY French Bread Pizzas
  20. Copycat Spicy Garlic Chicken Wing Sauce 
  21. Chicken and Tomato Meatballs
  22. Homemade Tomatillo Salsa 
  23. Easy Creamy Onion Dip
  24. Loaded Baked Avocado
  25. Homemade Stuffed Crust Pizza
  26. Sausage Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
  27. 7 Layer Vegetarian Bean Dip
  28. Spicy Buffalo Cheese Dip
  29. Oven Baked Hot Wings 
  30. Beer Cheese Dip
  31. Football Sandwiches
  32. Mac and Cheese Bites
  33. Tortilla Roll-ups
  34. Wonton Mozzarella Sticks
  35. Copy Cat Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls
  36. Bacon-Wrapped Puff Pastry Sticks
  37. Southwest Potato Rounds
  38. Cheesy Pull Apart Bread
  39. Fried Cookie Dough Bites
  40. Mexican Corn Dip
  41. Mini Cream Cheese Ball Bites
  42. Apple Pie Fries
  43. Stuffed Jalapenos
  44. Southwest Pretzels
  45. Peach Quesadillas
  46. Skinny Taco Dip
  47. Mini Garlic Monkey Bread
  48. Caprese Bites
  49. Mexican Chili Bites
  50. Spicy Sriracha Chex Mix
  51. Fried Pickles With Ranch
  52. Cranberry Brie Bites
  53. Buffalo Chicken Bites
  54. Avocado Salsa

Whether it’s a party with friends, family or party for 1 – enjoy and GO SEAHAWKS! (only because the Dallas Cowboys were TOTALLY screwed by the call during the Green Bay game, just saying…)

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