The Annual Christmas Pajamas Photo

I mentioned in our Christmas Traditions post that Christmas pajamas was an annual theme when it comes to our family. It’s a family tradition that the kids are use to and it’s so nice come Christmas morning all the kids matching for photos. (Read 7 photos you must take on Christmas morning.)

This year, I was totally late buying Christmas pajamas for the kids. I couldn’t order online because there was no guarantee that the pajamas would get here and another issue is we have 3 boys and 1 girl. My daughter is TALL and finding pajamas that match the boys can be tedious to say the least. ┬áThis year, Target came thru with pajamas for the family. They only had 2 elf pajamas left, thankfully in a size that our littles could fit into. Our 4-year-old is obsessed with the movie ELF, and thinks he is buddy so these worked perfect.

For our older 2 kids, we found striped one piece pajamas at Target that coordinated well with the elf pjs. We were set.

On Christmas eve, the kids opened their pajamas and put them on. My daughter’s were snug but they fit. Now it was time for the annual Christmas pajamas photo. We had made it this far, kids don’t fail me now…..

Kids will be kids. After multiple attempts, this is what we got. I’ll take it. It demonstrates each personality to a “t”. CRAZY, I tell you! And yes, Izaiah is upside down – that kid has special talents.

christmas pajamas photo

Christmas Pajamas Photo – 2014… complete.


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