Them Kids Be Crazy The Parent Hood Reality – 2022

I’d like to formally introduce you to Them Kids. Sharing the reality truths of the crazy of parenting and raising kids.

Since becoming a mom and joining what feels like the parent hood reality show (this can’t really be my life) – I’ve referenced my children as Them Kids. The term just felt right when talking about the collective of human beings that I produced.

Them Kids Be Crazy

Fast forward a few years, deep in the thick of life, pregnancy, a toddlers, tweens and work – Them Kids officially launched in 2009. Wait, 2009? Yes, our Them Kids parenting blog has been around a while and is now a teenager.

them kids be crazy
them kids be crazy

Fast forward to present day. Here we are in 2022. We are re-launching with our partner blog to talk about the parent hood life and raising kids.

Let’s face it. Them kids is a lot. In fact, most of the time – them kids be crazy. This is what we signed up for but still. They crazy.

Whether we are pregnant, trying to figure out what you are in for are a new parent or if you have four kids and still have no idea what you are doing – you are welcome here.

No Parent Instruction Manual

The truth of the matter, we all are doing this without a parenting instruction manual or playbook. Everything we purchase, tends to come with an instruction guide but birthing a baby and raising a child, nope.

there is no parenting instruction manual
there is no parenting instruction manual

Good luck, you are on your own. Well, at least that was the case before the internet.

Over the last 13 years, we have shared quite a few stories including the flaming marshmallow incident – it’s parenting stories like this one that help others who are in weird circumstances get answers. And side note: smore making can be dangerous!

them kids meme
them kids meme

Our goal for Them Kids is to be a safe space to talk about all aspects of parenting. From hot topics to trendy finds, we will dive deep into the parent hood fun and provide you judgement-free articles, reviews and more.

For Parents By Parents

All of the content consumed on Them Kids is for parent by parents. We will share everything from real life parenting stories to must-have finds that we cannot live without. Whatever read here is brought to you by a parent

Pregnancy to Young Adult

From the moment you see those 2 lines on the pregnancy test (am I dating myself here?) or the word PREGNANT – the joys of being a parent begin. And while Kayne says 18 years, 18 years, She got one of yo’ kids, got you for 18 years. That’s a lie ( if you need the Gold Digger lyrics.)

The Britax B-Ready Stroller

Read about our 15 weeks pregnant journal entry. Little did I know what fun was ahead for our family. With only 2 kids then, who knew the third pregnancy would be followed by a fourth pregnancy just a few months after giving birth.

Parenting doesn’t end, well ever. This fact leaves us a lot of things to talk about here as we dive into the parent hood reality show that we are living.

Books for Kids

We have grown many branches over the years, from kids to websites and even Them Kids books!

Years ago, we noticed that our son who was a delayed reader LOVED jokes, he loved animals so thought – hmm, let’s write an animal joke book.

them kids animal jokes book
them kids animal jokes book

Not only did writing a joke book help our early reader, it also encouraged him to talk. With delayed speech and an overall shy personality, it was a thrill to see something we published help our kids read and socially interact.

Thanks for Joining Us!

There is a large roadmap ahead for Them Kids and we are so glad you are along for the ride. The parent hood can be a scary place to live, but we are here to equip you with what you need to know to survive.

We look forward to staying connected to you here at Them Kids. Subscribe, follow us on social and join our community of parents who are trying to figure this kid thing out. We are glad you are here.

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