15 Awesome Toddler Bed Ideas

So it’s time to move your toddler from the crib to a toddler bed. I dreaded this moment with our last child. I knew he was our last, and the crib just felt right and the BIG BOY BED is just so TODDLER not BABY, wah. BUT, then our kid started escaping his crib. The great crib escape (as demonstrated by our third child in the video below) was what finally led me to agree to putting him in a toddler bed.

As you are trying to decide on bedding options for your toddler, here are some ideas. Some are traditional, some not so much – but whatever you decide – be prepared for the transition. Transitioning a toddler to a bed from a crib can be a bit of a pain. We’ve done this four times with four kids and each time has resulted in finding the best technique that works for each.

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15 Toddler Bed Ideas

Convert Crib to Toddler Bed

Crib to Toddler Bed

Several cribs turn into toddler beds. This is something to consider when purchasing a crib. One of our cribs also turned into a headboard for a full bed – talk about bang for your buck!

Dorel Living Toddler Bed

Dorel Living Toddler Bed

This is the Dorel Living bed we used for our third child. I really liked it – it was light weight, and low to the ground with built-in rails. Plus it’s cute and close to the size of the crib so fit well in the spot we had the crib.

Race Car Toddler Bed

Race Car Toddler Bed

My boys would have loved this race car bed! Great colors and like how the built in slopes act as railing.

Fire Truck Toddler Bed

Fire Truck Toddler Bed

Have a little one that loves fire trucks? This fire truck bed is just what they need!

Airplane Bed

Airplane Toddler Bed

Have a future pilot? This airplane bed is perfect for a toddler bedroom!

Princess Four Poster Toddler Bed

Four Poster Princess Toddler Bed

I know my princess would of loved this four-poster bed! How cute is this!?!  With the gold trend, this would be a great addition to any pretty princess room.


cars mission unstoppable toddler bed

This is the Cars Mission Unstoppable toddler bed. It’s a simple setup at an affordable price.

Castle Bed

castle bed

Here is another idea for a princess room. Rather than a four-poster bed, why not just give your princess a castle bed?

A Bed for a Prince

Prince Castle Bed

Maybe you have a prince rather than a princess, no worries – there is a bed for him as well. Check out this Prince castle bed! This would be darling with dragons and a medieval themed bedroom.

Corvette Toddler Bed

Corvette Toddler Bed

Does daddy (or mommy!) love Corvettes? Spoil your little one with this fancy corvette toddler bed. This bed even has real LED lights and accommodates a toddler mattress OR twin mattress.

Pink Little Tikes Car Bed

Pink Little Tykes Bed

Maybe red doesn’t match your little girl’s room. Fear not, there is a pink car bed from Little Tikes. This uses a standard crib mattress.

Dollhouse Bed

dollhouse bed

Have a little girl obsessed with dolls? This dollhouse bed is perfect for her. Pink or light green walls, this bed just screams little girl’s room.

Pirate Ship Bed

Pirate Ship Bed

AYEEEE MATEY! Shiver me timbers! Your little pirate will adore this pirate ship bed! This bed fits a standard crib mattress and offers a low profile for your little one.

Step 2 Thomas the Train Bed

Thomas the Train

The Thomas the Train bed is just too cute for words. This bed has a three dimensional friendly face and realistic train decal. It contains a storage compartment behind the smoke stack. This train bed promotes imaginative play as kids pretend to go on an adventure with Thomas along the island of Sodor. 

Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin Bed

Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler To Twin Bed

This is more than just a cute jeep bed! Check out these features:

  • Real Jeep styled bed that easily converts from toddler to twin bed
  • Two working trail lights and one reading light that turn off automatically
  • Plenty of storage under the bed and in the spare tire for bedroom items
  • Door doubles as a seat for parents reading bedtime stories

Finding a Transitional Bed

Happy shopping! Whether you have a little pirate, race car driver, train lover or pretty pretty princess – these toddler beds should do the trick!

15 Toddler Bed Ideas

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