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Best Toddler Headphones for Plane Rides – 5 Great Options

Before your next flight, check out these toddler headphones for plane rides.

Flying with a toddler is well, not fun. I’m going to be blunt here. No one, passengers, flight attendants OR parents enjoy plane rides with toddlers. Keep your little one busy the next flight with the right headphones for toddler on planes.

Toddler Headphones for Plane Rides

You have the iPad, but do you have a pair of toddler headphones for the flight? Here are what we have found best in regards to price, durability, size and ease of use when traveling by air.

KidRox Headphones

Here is what we are loving about KidRox headphones for toddlers on planes. Not only are Kidrox headphones priced right, they are designed to be kid friendly. From a fun kid-design to being impact-resistant and built to last – here’s what we are loving about these headphones.

kidrox toddler headphones for plane
kidrox toddler headphones for plane

With an adjustable headband, these toddler earphones provide a comfortable fit for small heads. They are made with long-term usage in mind, which let’s face it is perfect for airplane use.

Universal compatibility with a standard 3.5 audio jack, you can plug these toddler headphones into the plane. Perfect if you forget your kid’s tablet!

Plane Toddler Headphones For Traveling

Next on our list of best toddler headphones for plane rides are these great Nenos Kids Headphones.

headphones for toddlers plane
headphones for toddlers plane

These toddler headphones not only come in adorable colors and styles, but are highly rated. Perfect for ages 3-8, these are made to provide ear comfort while flying. Using a universal audio jack, these can be used with an array of devices.

The best part that we love about using these headphones on a plane with toddlers is that they easily fold making them awesome for travel!

plane headphones for toddlers
plane headphones for toddlers

Here are some of the things parents are raving about with these headphones.

  • Durable cord so my 2-year-old can’t break it!
  • These toddler headphones fold up easily so I can stash in my purse when traveling.
  • Noise limiting helps protect little ears from sound damage.
  • Small enough for my toddler’s ears.

Wireless Toddler Headphones For IPad

One of the most annoying things about the Apple iPad is the lack of aux port for headphones on the newer models. There are 2 solutions to fix the headphones on the iPad situation. You can use an Apple iPhone headphone jack adapter 3.5mm to lightning cable or you can use bluetooth wireless headphones.

wireless toddler headphones ipad
wireless toddler headphones ipad

The Gorsun Bluetooth Headphones are perfect for solving the issue of what toddler headphones to use with an iPad. Let’s face it, we will be using the iPad a lot on the plane and in order to watch Coco Melon, your kid is going to needs a headset.

These provide comfort for little heads and ears as well as protection with a volume limit. Not only are these an affordable option, they will come in handy not only when on an airplane!

Toddler Headband Headphones

Another fact about traveling on a plane with toddlers, just as uncomfortable as you are, so are they! Plane rides are not luxury (few exceptions to this rule!) These toddler headband headphones provide a comfortable experience for your kid to listen to audio.

toddler headband headphones
toddler headband headphones

If your child hates headphones, these toddler headband headphones might just be your answer!

These are the Cozyphones headband earphones for toddlers age 1-3 years old. These come in fun designs and provide a comfortable headphone wearing experience.

Featuring volume limiting to protect hearing, a made-to-last flexible cord and soft headband featuring the headphones, these are made with the toddler in mind.

Volume Limiting Toddler Headphones

Next on our list of best toddler headphones for plane rides are these Snug Play kids volume limiting headphones.

toddler headphones for travel
toddler headphones for travel

Perfect for little ears and durable for travel, these do not disappoint.

Help Protect Your Toddler’s Hearing

Make sure to check for noise limiting option when purchasing your next headphones for toddlers. This will help protect their ear and hearing. Here are some more helpful ways to help protect your toddler’s hearing.

To avoid the damaging effects of excessive noise, you can:

  • teach children to avoid loud noises no matter where they are
  • limit the time children spend participating in noisy activities
  • limit the time children listen to loud music for
  • perform regular hearing tests (at a specialized doctor or using home tests)
  • ensure the children wear appropriate hearing protection when attending concerts or sporting events

Learn more tips about toddler and noise at decibelpro.app

Safe Travels

Enjoy your next flight with a toddler! Safe travels, and hopefully there won’t be any adults acting like toddlers on board.

Make sure these toddler headphones for plane rides are in your carry-on for your next flight!

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