What To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards

Christmas has come and gone and there is a chance that amongst the pile of gifts, is sitting an unwanted gift card. While the gift card was most likely given with the best intent, don’t let that it go to waste! Here’s a list of 5 things to do with that unwanted gift card.

Re-Gift the Gift Card

Re-gifting gift cards

There is no shame in re-gifting, just please make sure that you actually have money on the card, don’t give a card that says $50 but only has $3.75 left. In all seriousness, while you may not love the Cracker Barrel gift card that you got stuck with during the White Elephant gift exchange, Grandma just love it!

Sell or Trade the Gift Card

sell your gift cards

While you won’t get the full value of your gift card, you will get something. The value you get back can vary. At Card Pool, you will g Here is a list of websites to use for buying and/or trading gift cards:





Donate the Gift Card

Either donate the gift card to a non-profit, or another idea – use the gift card and purchase gifts to donate! Or my favorite, just give the gift card to an unsuspecting individual.

Here in Dallas, we have numerous families who have lost a home due to the tornadoes on December 26, 2015. We have seen the community come together with all kinds of donations – gift cards included. Remember, one person’s trash – is another person’s treasures.

Put Away for a Rainy Day

Even though you may not want the gift card now, there maybe a time in your life that you will use it!  We saved gift cards up and used them all while on maternity leave. We needed to take out more than usual and those Target gift cards came in super handy when paying for diapers. You never know, something unwanted during one period of time in your life can be something super awesome in another chapter!

What To Do With Unwanted Gift Cards

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