2 Weeks of No School

2 weeks at home - 1 week until christmas2 weeks of no school.

Part of me is screaming with happiness. The other part, pulling my hair out.

Hey, sorry – i’m just being honest here.

The good news, is I’ll get plenty of sleep. All but 1 of our kids love to sleep – we’re talking 12 hours straight. The only one who doesn’t is our oldest and she’s fine by herself since my husband is works from home.

Christmas is in 1 week. It’s great having a week with the kids before the holiday so we can prep.

This year it’s so nice being able to enjoy prepping and not worrying about the stresses of work. Part of my job involved working in ecommerce, so this time of year was extra stressful trying to achieve goals and then the guilt of not being with the kids. It’s a new day, and wee – am I happy!

This week we’ll fill with Christmas activities. We’ve totally cut down on who we buy for. While I’d love to buy everyone gifts, like in years past – it’s just not worth the stress and loss of money for them or for us. Plus with 4 kids, we feel extra guilty family spending money when our kids have plenty. Gifts aren’t what we want our kids to love about this season anyways. The kids are making gifts, this should be interesting.

Next week, we’ll have to figure out something. I am sure that is the week I will officially meltdown. But we shall wait and see…

What Do You Do With Your Kids While They Are Out of School?


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