Free Amazon Baby Registry Checklist – 15 Most Needed Items

Let’s go over the Amazon Baby Registry Checklist to ensure you have all the things you need on your baby registry!

I remember the headache I had walking thru the aisles with my Target scanner trying to figure out what the hell I was suppose to need for a baby.

Baby Registry Made Easy

Let’s face it. Registering for your baby registry quite possibly can induce a panic attack. We are making it simple by showing you what must-have you need to have on your Amazon baby registry.

amazon baby registry checklist what to put on your baby registry
amazon baby registry checklist

We are making this whole registering for baby gifts easy! From how to sign up to a complete Amazon Baby Registry checklist, here is what you need to do to get started.

Sign-Up Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon offers this free baby registry service that allows you an easy way to share what the items are you need for your baby.

amazon baby registry
amazon baby registry

How to Make a Baby Registry for Amazon

Every one is busy and as someone who had to do an old school baby registry with a scanner and no one there to hold my hand through the process. Here is how to make a baby registry for Amazon. First, click on the red button and register with the Amazon Baby Registry.

From experience, it is easiest if you do not use the Amazon app to create your baby registry. If at all possible, try using a computer or a tablet.

Why Register for Amazon Baby Registry

Registering for an Amazon Baby Registry is super easy! Not only that, there are benefits to registering.

  • Create a list of baby products you need
  • Easy baby gift ideas
  • Group gifting option
  • Diaper fund
  • Automatic thank you list created
  • Amazon Baby welcome box
  • Baby registry completion discount and diaper discount

Let’s dive into some of the benefits before we start on our Amazon Baby Registry checklist.

Easy Baby Gift Giving Ideas

In addition for it being easy for you to register, it is super easy for your friends and family to purchase the baby gifts that YOU want from the list.

Amazon has the option to deliver the baby gifts from the registry directly to you or to the gift purchaser’s address. This is helpful if the baby gift is for a baby shower gift or if someone wants to give directly to the baby gift recipient.their home if needed for a baby shower gift or something as such.

Baby Shower Hosts – you can easily share the link to an Amazon Baby Gift Registry on the Baby Shower invitation or evite.

Take the guess work out of baby gift giving and get the baby products that you actually need for your baby.

Group Gifting

Amazon has a feature called Group Gifting. Let’s face it, some of these baby products on our registries are expensive. The Amazon Baby Registry Group Gifting feature lets multiple people contribute to the gift.

amazon baby registry group gifting
amazon baby registry group gifting

Group Gifting a baby gift is awesome for families, friends or co-workers who want to go in together on a gift. No one has to keep track of who paid what, everyone contributes what they can to the baby gift.

Amazon Diaper Fund

Another feature of the Amazon Baby Registry is the Amazon Diaper Fund. This is an easy way to collect money for diapers through your registry.

amazon diaper fund
amazon diaper fund

We all know that diapers are a huge cost – did you know that families spend close to $936 a year on disposable diapers in the first year of baby’s life? That is around $18 a week and can be a strain. The Amazon diaper fund can help! This annual diaper spend amount was from the American Academy of Pediatrics Diaper Need report in 2013 and and has surely increased since then!

How to Setup up a Diaper Fund on Amazon

The Amazon Diaper Fund is a brilliant way for multiple people to help contribute to the cost of diapering your baby! To setup a diaper fund, you will be prompted to do so when you create your Amazon registry.

Thank You List

Did you know that when using the Amazon Baby Registry, a Thank You List is automatically created for you? Yes! When someone makes a purchase, you can go onto your Amazon Baby Registry account and see a Thank You List & Returns. This will let you manager your Amazon baby gift thank you list, making thank you cards easy to write!

Amazon Baby Registry Checklist

To help reduce some of the pre-baby stress, we are here to hold your hand thru the process and have created an easy to use Amazon Baby Registry checklist guide. This helps you know what you will need to add to your baby registry.

baby registry checklist amazon
amazon baby registry checklist

My sister recently gave birth to my sweet nephew so in a way I feel like I am totally back in the baby game, getting to know all of the new products again. But as you will see from my baby registry must haves list – not everything is new! Somethings are tried and true.

First things first, make sure you have your Amazon Baby Registry created and now all you have to do is add in these suggested items to your registry! Let’s get started on your baby registry must haves list!

Here are the 15 areas of baby products to put on your Amazon Baby Registry.

  1. Baby Monitor Camera
  2. Diapers
  3. Baby Wipes
  4. Swaddle Blankets
  5. Baby Bottles
  6. Pacifiers
  7. Baby Feeding Utinsels
  8. Stroller and Car Seat Baby Travel System
  9. High Chair
  10. Bouncy Chair
  11. Baby Swing
  12. Bedding
  13. Baby Clothes
  14. Bath Stuff
  15. Baby Lounger

Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Our top pic for baby monitor camera on our Amazon Baby Registry Checklist is the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount.

nanit pro smart baby monitor amazon baby registry
nanit pro smart baby monitor amazon baby registry

This is smart baby monitor allows you to see your baby from anywhere with crystal-clear 1080p video. Being able to see what your baby is doing is perfect for when your newborn starts sleeping in their crib and then when they are older and you are away from home and want to check-in remotely on baby.

With sleep tracking guidance, the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor app will provide a time-lapse highlight reel of your baby’s night.

You can safely monitor baby’s breathing motion without sensors or radar using the Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor technology, Breathing Band. Breathing Band is included and works with your Nanit Pro monitor to track your baby’s breathing motion in real-time and alert you if they need attention.

Nanit Pro Review from Parents

Here are Nanit Pro reviews from parents.

This monitor has calmed my mom anxiety more than any other monitor. I love the free year of Nanit insights and the fact that it comes with the breathing band is great! I love seeing the temperature and the option to use it even when I’m not on the same Wi-Fi connection.

I love my Nanit. This thing is awesome. I’m glad i dished out the extra money for it. Installation was a breeze. The quality is perfect. The nightlight is exactly what you need for middle of night checkins/feedings. I have my iPad set up by the bed for the monitor and that is awesome! Obviously big clear picture. The white noise sounds great and has timer or can be left on all night. I like the insights Nanit provides. 


Diapers because, people – you have NO idea how many diapers you will need with a baby. With our first child, we received a generous amount of diapers of various sizes at 2 different baby showers, but it wasn’t enough.

As far as diaper name brand, that is up to you. As newborns, we always used Pamper Swaddlers. They are very cushy to the touch. We then used Luvs diapers size 2-5. Then when we were potty training (and we still have a bed wetter, so are still using at night) Huggies Pull-ups. 

Make sure to utilize the Diaper Fund option to help pay for diapers! Keep reading and learn more about the Amazon Diaper Discount you receive for your baby’s first year when use the Amazon Baby Registry.

Baby Wipes

While my youngest child is 5-years-old, wipes are still a staple in our house. Like diapers, you cannot have enough wipes.

These things will wipe everything from butts to boogers and occasionally will bathe your child. Don’t judge, I can’t tell you how many times my babies were covered in goo and needed a good cleaning but we were no where near a sink. 

As far as name brands go, you will need to find what works best for you and your baby. Our favorite baby wipes were Huggies One and Done refreshing baby wipes. They smell amazing and when you have a child that stinks – you want something that smells amazing. 

Swaddle Blanket

I know there is a lot going around about not swaddling your child, but if we hadn’t swaddled our babies, I am not sure how we would have survived. Seriously, swaddling was a God send to help mellow them out and put them in a quiet zone. 

swaddle blanket amazon baby registry checklist
swaddle blanket amazon baby registry checklist

We love the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets to use at home. Another awesome option to add to your Amazon Baby Registry checklist is a swaddle wrap for your baby. Our last kid lived in one of these swaddle wraps and slept like a pro!

Feeding Baby

Continuing on as we go thru the baby registry must haves – let’s talk feeding baby. Oh yes, the baby will need to be fed so might as well add a few items for feeding the baby to the baby registry. 

Baby Bottles

Every baby will have their preference in regards to bottles – our babies all used Dr. Brown bottles. Our first baby had severe colic, as well as our third. While Dr. Brown bottles helped with colic, they aren’t a 100% solution.

The design of Dr. Brown bottles DO help reduce gas which is great for all babies!

Pacifiers / Binkies

These Philips AventBPA Free Soothie Pacifier are like the pacifiers the hospital use.

baby pacifier binky like hospital
baby pacifier binky like hospital

No matter which ones we tried with any of the 4 kids, the soothie pacifier won them over.

Baby Feeding Utensils

You can never have enough baby spoons! These are affordable add-ons to your shower registry as well. 

Breast Pump

If you have health insurance, thanks to Obamacare – you should be eligible for a free breast pump. Make sure to check as this will save you hundreds! Here is the breast pump I recommend purchasing.

The Sonata Medela Breast Pump is small, quiet and it’s technology allows you to track your pumping sessions. That’s right – breastfeeding has gone high tech.  

Burp Rags

Burp rags come in all shapes and sizes. While I did make sure to register for a few cute burp rags, because nothing makes spit-up better to clean-up than a cute burp rag – make sure to register for some plain ones too! 

My favorite bibs are the bib bandanas. These are easy to snap around your baby’s neck, can be used for years and helps keep baby clothes from being covered in food and/or drool!

bib bandanas
bib bandanas

The bib bandanas are also a cute way to accessorize a plain onesie!

Baby Bouncer

Parents, you are going to need a break from holding that baby. But where do you put baby? In a bouncer! I can’t even with how many hours my infants spent in the bouncer.

While of course, that baby will be snuggled in your arms the majority of the time – you will love the bouncer and so will baby. 

Baby Travel System

Next on our must have Amazon Baby Registry checklist is a baby travel system. This is a combination baby stroller and baby carseat that snap together for easy transport.

Snap and Go Stroller

In addition to a baby travel system, you might want to consider an easy to use stroller that isn’t as bulky as the one that comes with the carseat combo. Here is our pick for snap and go stroller.

snap and go stroller baby registry
snap and go stroller baby registry

The last thing you need as a new mom is to have to haul around a big stroller, lug it out of the car and set it up. The Snap and Go infant stroller is so easy and light-weight.

Sure its not fancy, but guys fancy isn’t what you need to be worried about as a new parent. Don’t stress about shiny and pretty – focus on function. (As someone who loves fashion over function that hurts me to write, but I am getting real here! Somethings are worth function over fashion – SOME!) 

Believe me, if you have used a bulky stroller – you will adore the Snap and Go. It totally lives up to it’s name. 

Baby Clothes

Let’s talk clothes. Here’s the deal – especially if you have a girl – PEOPLE LOVE TO BUY BABY CLOTHES. I too fall into this trap.

I mean, when you find a baby shirt that says #1 AUNT – I have to buy that for my nephew, right? But let’s get real about what you REALLY need in regards to day-to-day for baby. 

So as we are talking about baby registry must haves, make sure you register for things that you like as most people do use the registry when buying gifts!

White Kimono Shirts

The baby clothes item that is non-gender and never goes out of style is the white baby kimono shirts. Paired with just a diaper and baby socks, this iconic baby look is timeless.

baby kimono shirts
baby kimono shirts

My fourth child wore my first child’s kimono shirts because they are non-gender specific and last. They are cute and easy to get on and off.

Sleepers / Pajamas

Sleepers are magical, especially as your littles grow! 


I have a love/hate relationship with onesies. On one hand, they are ugly unitards. On the other hand, they are handy and convenient. 

Baby Mittens

We had to use baby mittens with our first child as she would constantly scratch at her face! No matter how short we cut her nails, they grew quick. 

Baby Socks

Register for a few pairs of baby socks, but from one parent to another, we rarely wore socks because when we did THEY ALWAYS FELL OFF our babies’ feet!

Baby Carrier

Baby wearing was a must as a work at home mama. The first 2 kids, I sported a Baby Bjorn. With the last 2 kids, I wore a baby wrap carrier.

Whichever works best for you – use it! These are great to find on Facebook sales groups. They are easy to wash and baby wearing is a great way to bond with baby. 

Baby Bathing Essentials

The last thing I am going to recommend for this baby registry must haves list is baby bath stuff. Here are the baby bath items

Inflatable Duck Bathtub

I suggest registering for an inflatable duck bathtub. All 4 of our kids used the inflatable duck baby bath from the time they were babies sitting up until they became toddlers.

inflatable duck bath tub
inflatable duck bath tub

As soon as the baby can sit up your child can use this. We used this until they were around 18 months old and it’s super affordable. 

Baby Magic – I love their bath products, call me old school but that smell just says NEWBORN! 

Thermometer Bath Ducky – This adorable rubber ducky doesn’t just work as a bath toy – it also alerts you when the water is too hot by revealing the word HOT on the bottom of the duck.

Questions and Answers About Amazon Baby Gift Registry

Here are FAQ frequently asked questions about the Amazon Baby Gift Registry.

When Should I Create a Baby Registry?

When to create a baby registry varies per person and pregnancy. Some moms create a registry as early as 15 weeks pregnant, others may wait until closer to their baby shower.

How Do I Get The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box?

The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is free with the following requirements.

  • You will also need to have an active Amazon Prime accounts
  • Who create a Baby Registry is who receives the Welcome box
  • Complete 60% of their Checklist
  • Have over $10 of purchases from their registry (by themselves or others).
  • Amazon gift card purchases do not count toward the $10 purchase requirement.

Note: The $10 threshold doesn’t include tax or shipping costs. We consider the threshold met when we ship the associated items. Purchases of Amazon Prime or Amazon.com Gift Cards don’t count toward the threshold.

The welcome box is only eligible to ship within the contiguous United States. APO addresses, addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, as well as U.S. Territories and Freely Associated States aren’t eligible.

Only the primary owner of the Baby Registry is able to claim the welcome box. If you are the primary owner, log in to your Amazon.com account to claim the offer.

amazon baby registry welcome box
amazon baby registry welcome box

Once your Amazon Baby Registry hits 60% purchased, you will receive a coupon / credit in your Amazon account that will zero out the purchase of the Amazon Baby Registry welcome box. This welcome box is not automatically sent, you will need to “purchase” it.

How to Claim Your Amazon Baby Welcome Box

Once you are eligible to receive the Amazon Baby Welcome Box, you will see a “Claim Now” button on both the Benefits and Welcome Box pages of your Amazon Baby Registry.

To claim it, click the ‘Claim Now’ button to add the Welcome Box to your cart. In Checkout, be sure the ‘Use your $35.00 Promotional balance’ check box is selected in order to receive your Welcome Box for free. If this box is not selected at Checkout, you will not receive the Welcome Box for free – so make sure you check this check box!

Note that this is a limited time offer, good while supplies last. Only eligible customers, logged into their Amazon.com account, will be able to redeem the offer.

What is Included in the Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box?

The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box is a free gift with full, travel, and sample-size surprises for parents and baby.

Other parents who have received the free Amazon Baby Registry gift have received items such as a binky / pacifier, baby bottle, baby onesie, baby gloves, baby socks, trial size wipes, trial baby shampoo.

amazon baby registry welcome gift box
amazon baby registry welcome gift box

There is no guarantee on what is included in the Amazon baby box. It appears that there is no consistency on what is included in each Amazon Baby Welcome Box.

If you didn’t receive 60% of your Amazon Baby Registry, no worries. You can purchase a Baby Registry Welcome Box for $35 on Amazon.

How to Delete Amazon Baby Registry

Once your baby has arrived, you may want to know how to delete Amazon baby registry entry. Here is how.

  • From your Amazon Baby Register, go to SETTINGS.
  • Select DELETE.
  • Select YES to confirm that you want to delete Amazon baby registry.

It should take around an hour for your Amazon Baby Registry delete to stop showing on the search results page. Just note, after you delete Amazon Baby Registry entry, you will not be able to retrieve it.

What is the Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount?

Amazon offers a baby registry completion discount to help you purchase any eligible and remaining items on your baby registry.

You must add items from the Completion Discount View to your cart to receive the discount. Only eligible items displayed in the Completion Discount View in your Baby Registry qualify for the Completion Discount.

The Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount offer is 15% for Amazon Prime Baby Registry owners at the time they redeem their discount. Non-prime members will receive a 10% completion discount on items left from their baby registry.

Here are more things to know about the Amazon baby registry completion discount:

  • Only the primary registrant can redeem the discount.
  • Your registry must be active for at least 14 days to be eligible for the discount.
  • The Completion Discount begins 60 days prior to the Arrival Date you entered in your Baby Registry and expires 90 days after the Arrival Date.
  • On mobile or desktop, you can access your Completion Discount View and check your eligibility from the Benefits link in the Baby Registry navigation menu. You can also access your Completion Discount from the Completion Discount card on the Registry Homepage.
  • You can apply the 15% discount on orders up to a combined value of $2,000, for a maximum discount of $300.00.

How do I get an Baby Registry Amazon Diaper Discount?

If you reach $500 in items purchased off of your registry, from either your friends and family – OR if your own purchases, you can receive a 20% Amazon diaper discount on eligible diapers for the entire first year of your baby’s life!

  1. Reach $500 in items purchased off your registry (either from friends & family, or your own purchases)
  1. On your baby’s arrival date, Amazon will automatically apply a 20% promo code on your diaper purchases for the next 12 months
  1. Get more of an Amazon diaper discount when you combine subscribe and save with your diaper order. Here is how! You can combine this discount with Amazon Subscribe and Save and get up to an additional 20% off – totaling 40% off your diaper orders.
  1. This discount runs for 12 months from the arrival date, or until you’ve reached a maximum of $300 in discounted diaper spending – whichever comes first. That’s right, there is a maximum $300 limit.

There are several rules to this, learn more about the baby registry Amazon diaper discount here.

How to Change Your Amazon Baby Registry Privacy Settings

Did you know you can change the privacy settings to limit and control who sees your Amazon Baby Registry? You have the option to set the privacy settings on public, shared or private.

These baby registry privacy settings can be set in your Amazon baby registry settings.

How to Create a Second Amazon Baby Registry

Need to create a second Amazon Baby Registry? You will need to delete your first registry in order to create a second Amazon baby registry.

Yes, this is annoying but the way Amazon tracks their baby registry discounts and such – you can only have one active baby registry at a time on Amazon.

Happy Baby Registering!

Well, there you have it. Your ultimate Amazon baby registry checklist. I hope this guide gives you some good ideas when you are registering for your baby shower or baby gifts. Congrats on your new baby!

Amazon Baby Registry Checklist is part of the Pregnancy Series on Them Kids

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