Creating a Word of the Year

Have you created a word of the year for yourself? Do it. Let’s talk about this because while I TOTALLY SUCK at New Year’s resolutions – this one thing I kept doing all of last year and it really help me focus.

So last year, I chose the word INTENTIONAL. I wanted to be more intentional with my kids, husband, time, faith and so on. When it came to making choices, this word of the year came to mind and I was posed with asking myself….. AM I BEING INTENTIONAL with this decision or word choice or impulse? It helped people, it REALLY helped.

Create a Word of the Year

So this year, I am creating a word of the year again – and while I really should keep intentional as well – because I mean I should always be intentional… I am adding the word THRIVE to the mix.

With 4 kids, virtual schooling, working from home multiple jobs – I am always in survival mode. I want to move from SURVIVE to THRIVE.

word of the year

I am not even a month into the year and have already been faced with a few decisions that have made me turn to my word of the yearwill this help me thrive?  I printed THRIVE and hung it on my crooked bulletin board that I see everyday as I work. THRIVE, I want to THRIVE – I need to THRIVE – 2015, let’s THRIVE BABY! It’s a good reminder that this is what I need to focus on (and year, with intentional!)


If you haven’t chose a word of the year, it’s not too late! Do this for yourself. You don’t have to tell anyone – hell you are the first person to tell outside of my husband and that’s been a year ago, so pretty much you are the first person I told about me doing this.

Have you chose a word of the year? What is it? 

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