The Best Birthday Present

We are FINALLY done with birthday season. First it’s Izaiah, in March, 3 weeks later Z, 5 weeks later, E and my husband (who share a birthday). That’s 4 birthdays back-to-back.

best birthday present ever

best birthday presentIzaiah had a small birthday party, but the others – we decided this year not to worry with the fuss. Birthday parties are so stressful, expensive and at the end of the day we are left with a ton of junk. No offense to any of the birthday gifts we’ve received in the past, but if it’s a toy – it will inevitably end up in the donation pile.

WOW, I know I totally sound like a downer! We do birthdays big – but just we do them with our family. The party is an all-day festival for that person (or persons). We start by decorating the house. Then from sun up to sun down it’s their special day. Whatever they want to do, for the most part!

best birthday present ever daughterMy daughter wanted donuts, Furr’s (yes, that’s how much I love my kids), a friend to come hang out, to go ride go-karts, play at the arcade, have breakfast for dinner, eat cake and ice cream. DONE.

Our 9-year-old wanted donuts, to play Top Golf, to go see Spiderman, eat Hibachi and then cheesecake. Done.  A few years ago, we took a trip to Houston to see NASA. Another time we spent the weekend in Austin.

It’s taken me many years to know and understand this, but it’s not about the birthday gift. It’s not about the birthday party. It’s all about the best birthday gift you can get anyone. Birthday presence.

Our kids just want love and attention. We make their birthday about creating a memory. Yes, it does cost money – but not near as much as a birthday party, a big huge gift and what have you.

If you are stressing over finding the perfect birthday present, just stop and think how can you make a memory. Whether it be an ice cream party or an entire day of not saying “no” – find a way to go beyond a birthday gift from Target that most likely won’t last until the next birthday.

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