Perfect to Us Christmas

We had a wonderful not perfect, but perfect to us Christmas. Despite the never ending list of hiccups, we had fun and made some great memories.

Christmas with Them Kids

Here’s a little from our Perfect to Us Christmas.

Christmas PJ Mix-Up

We ordered our annual Christmas PJs for the kids. They open them on Christmas eve night, right before reading the Christmas story. Well… I was late this year, for obvious reasons and well there were a few issues.

ZAKE? My son’s name is ZEKE.

Christmas PJs


And then Izaiah – well his’ were just a bit too BIG.

Christmas PJs too Big

Christmas Cookies for Santa

Here are the older kids, Z & E making Santa Christmas cookies.

Christmas cookies for Santa

Half Lit Christmas Tree

Yes, our beautiful tree thinks it’s time to be recycled – i’m not quitting you yet half-lit Christmas tree!!

Half Lit Christmas Tree

Eating Birthday Cake for Jesus

Each Christmas morning, we have birthday cake for Jesus. It’s his birthday and well, the reason for the season – so we try to keep a focus on him amongst the chaos.

celebrating jesus with Jesus birthday cake

Baby’s First Christmas

Zeke was a rock star and loved his first Christmas. He sat in the middle of the chaos in his Bumbo, embracing each moment, until he fell asleep – in his chair.


baby's first christmas gifts


tired baby's first christmas


Christmas with Family





We kept it simple this year. We did something we’ve never done, Sean and I bought us a big gift and the kids a nice gift with a few other things, but none of the little crap that we usually buy.

We also cut down on the gifts to the family.  Between Sean and I, there are 8 brothers and sisters – not including spouses, then 9 nieces and nephews. Then with parents that are divorced, grandparents and so on – my head starts spinning even thinking about it. It’s crazy to think that we actually did buy for everyone at some point in time. Where did I find the time?  With 4 kids, there is no time nor excess money. There is lots noise, though. Maybe we should of recorded the noise and burned CDs to hand out as presents… next year, that’s so what we will do!

Something else you can file under big fat FAIL is Christmas cards. Uhm, yes – it’s true you maybe receiving a card from us a few week late as in after Christmas. With a series of not funny situations, our Christmas cards are well, late.

I’m convinced being on time for things is so 2011. And that’s just about over.

Hoping Your Christmas was EXTRA Merry!



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