5 Simple Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

Y’all – 4 kids means that we spend A LOT on groceries. While I AM frugal to a point, I can’t bring myself to clip coupons. I have in the past, and YES I know that I can save – but did I mention that I have 4 kids?

If you are looking for ways to save on your grocery bill – here are 5 suggestions that have worked for me and that I hope can work for you (and no, they don’t involve clipping coupons!)

Simple Tips for Saving Money on Grocery Store

1. Don’t Bring Your Kids (or Husband) Shopping With You

kids at the grocery store

See these faces (and yes, the littlest is crying his eyes out in the car.) This is what I call a BAD IDEA. Find a time (even if it’s late at night) to go grocery shopping without these little voices who whine, cry and throw things in the basket that you end up buying. I know we spent at least 25% MORE when these kids come grocery shopping with me!

2. Shop Sales

Forget the coupon, just pick up a sales ad and shop from that when you build your weekly menu!

3. Write Out a Grocery List

Before heading to the store, go thru your pantry and refrigerator and determine what is it that you NEED. Jot down the meals you have planned (remember #2 – shop sales so build your meal plan from this.) I am way too unorganized to say on this day we will eat this meal – I just make sure we have enough meals down for the week, this allows us to pick and choose thru out the week.

4. Go Shopping With Food In Your Stomach

If you are hungry while shopping – you WILL buy more. Grab something to eat before you start filling your cart! Believe me, this totally will help curb impulse food purchases.

5. Keep a List of Meals on the Fridge Door

As I am going thru the groceries to put away, I take a post-it note and make a quick list of all the meals that I can make with the groceries that I bought.  This allow my husband to know what our options are for the week, the kids to know NOT to eat all of a specific ingredient and when I am brain dead at the end of the day and can’t come up with a creative meal – I don’t have to.  This saves because if I don’t have this – I tend to get lazy and just go out to eat or pick something up. OR WORSE, I end up at the grocery store 3 times in a week which is just awful.

I hope these tips help you save on your groceries next week!

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