15 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child

15 weeks pregnant with my third child, be like…

We have made it past the first trimester and onto the second trimester at 15 weeks pregnant with my third child. Am I happy? Well, as I talked about when writing pregnancy emotions 0

How I Feel 15 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some unfiltered remarks in regards to how I feel at 15 weeks pregnant with child 3.

15 weeks pregnant photo third child
15 weeks pregnant photo third child

Pregnant Cow

I feel like a huge pregnant cow. While yes, I think pregnancy is beautiful. I love the miracle of life, the process of growing a child, nurturing it in my womb for 9 months and then delivering it – I still feel insecure about myself.

Life Stresses

While I have more energy, I also have a full-time job and 2 small kids to care for.

Gender Reveal

The debate on whether we are going to find out the gender has begun. While typically the ultrasound for gender determination is done around 18 weeks, we had to go to a specialist for this pregnancy due to my maternal age.

I am 31-years-old and apparently being pregnant is your thirties is like a geriatric pregnancy or something. The specialist doctor did an early ultrasound so we have an envelope if we decide to do a gender reveal.

Third Pregnancy is Easier and Harder at the Same Time

While there are something that are easier about this third pregnancy, at the same time – it’s harder. Yes, while I joked about the geriatric pregnancy at 31-years-old – truth is my body isn’t the same as it was with the first child.

Am I in great shape? No, especially not now – I am more of an inflating beach ball shape. But also, this body is just tired at the moment.

This chick has another 25 weeks of baking to do before hatching.

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