Pregnancy Puke Sucks – Awful Morning Sickness with Child 3

Pregnancy puke is not fun. We are talking about morning sickness when pregnant with the third child.

One of the worse things in the pregnancy journey is morning sickness. Every woman who has dealt with this knows the woes.

Pregnancy Puke Sucks

I am still shocked that we’re adding another member to the household. The first sign of that I am with child would be the pregnancy puke saga that hit quick.

pregnancy puke morning sickness third child
pregnancy puke morning sickness third child

This isn’t my first rodeo in regards to being pregnant. While it’s been 6 years, my body has done this before so surely I should be well aware that I am just one of those people who deal with pregnancy puke.

Regardless, I chucked the nauseousness up to food poisoning or eating something that didn’t agree with my stomach. Jokes on me!

What is Morning Sickness?

Before going on and on about pregnancy puking, pausing for a second from the lovely telling of being sick during my third pregnancy to explain what is morning sickness because you maybe clueless and that is totally okay.

Common signs and symptoms of morning sickness include nausea and vomiting, often triggered by certain odors, spicy foods, heat, excess salivation or — often times — no triggers at all. Morning sickness is most common during the first trimester and usually begins by nine weeks after conception. Symptoms improve for most expectant mothers by the mid to late second trimester.

Morning Sickness with Third Pregnancy

Today, as I was sitting in a seminar working over lunch with a chicken salad sandwich, I came to the quick understanding that chicken salad and this pregnancy was NOT going to mix. That morning sickness with third pregnancy is no fun. It’s never fun.

7 Months of Puking While Pregnant

With my first child, I spent 7 months dealing with morning sickness. I’d vomit when I woke up, I puked on the way to work (twice, I had to return home to change clothes and clean out the car). In fact, the pregnancy puking was so bad that I didn’t gain weight at all during the pregnant because well I threw everything up. No fun. My baby girl was tiny 6lbs 1oz.

In fact, the pregnancy puking was so bad that I didn’t gain weight at all during the pregnant because well I threw everything up. No fun. My baby girl was tiny 6lbs 1oz.

This prescription was what allowed me to continue working while pregnant. The good news, after she was born MY puking stopped – unfortunately she had awful reflux so SHE was the one puking all the time then, for right around 9 months. Isn’t it funny how that works.

What Helps Morning Sickness

Whether it’s your first child or your fifteenth, here is what I am doing to combat the pregnancy puke.


Zofran – I’m not a doctor but this drug is what helped me get through my first two pregnancies and most likely will be what helps me get thru this third pregnancy.


Water – Yes, while some people feel nauseous when drinking water while pregnant – it is VERY important to stay hydrated during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness Wrist Band

Anti-Nausea Wrist Band – The anti-nausea wrist band was new during my last pregnancy. I had gone in for a pregnancy check and was experiencing an episode. The nurse put this anti-nausea wrist band to help. I thought she was nuts, but some how this did the trick!

morning sickness wrist band
morning sickness wrist band

Available on Amazon

Once activated, this anti-nausea band releases a specific pattern of pulses that stimulate the median nerve under the skin. The pulses normalize the nerve messaging from the brain to the stomach which rapidly relieves symptoms of nausea and vomiting without any side effects.

While I haven’t invested this, if I were to deal with an extended period of morning sickness – this would be in my Amazon cart.


Peppermint Candy – Those free red and white hard peppermint candy that restaurants use to give out all of the time are awesome for curving morning sickness.

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea is a great over the counter solution to combat the pains or being sick while pregnant. This delicious ginger peach organic tea helps with morning sickness relief by relieving nausea. Pink Stork tea also aids with cramping, and indigestion.

pink stork morning sickness tea
pink stork morning sickness tea

Available on Amazon

If you are looking for something 100% organic and caffeine-free, Pink Stork morning sickness tea maybe your answer.

Did you deal with pregnancy puke and morning sickness?

Pregnancy Puke Sucks – Awful Morning Sickness with Child 3 is part of the Them Kids series on Pregnancy

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