17 Weeks Pregnant with My Third Child – Baby Belly is Huge!

17 weeks pregnant with our third child – here we are! CHECK OUT THAT BELLY!

I never took regular belly shots with my other 2 kids. I think it was because I just couldn’t process the idea of me growing a human inside me.  Look at me, I’ve progressed.  But as I continue to grow from Macy’s Day Parade Float to Macy’s Day Parade Balloon size,  I am thinking here in a few weeks I’ll be telling myself, oh hell no am I posting a picture of me that big.

17 Weeks Pregnant Belly Picture

WOW, this is what a third pregnancy does – you show a whole lot sooner than with previous pregnancies! Here is my 17 week pregnant belly picture. 

17 weeks pregnant belly picture
17 weeks pregnant belly picture

I really think with my first pregnancy, I was this size at 40 weeks preggo – not 17 weeks pregnant! 

During that first pregnancy, I lost 20 pounds during my first pregnancy with her.  Probably all the smoking I did during pregnancy – and if you don’t know when I am being sarcastic or for real – just always think – she must be kidding. It was the pregnancy puke that caused the weight loss. Not fun, but thankfully she was a healthy baby.

I haven’t gained a ton of weight, I’m sure thats coming. But I seriously have grown outwards. This third baby is sticking out already.

With E, our second child –  milk shakes were my evil friend. At one point my husband asked me to call Braums, they had charged our card several times the same amount. Sadly, that was me going over and over to get the same milkshake.

The herniated disc is better. Herniated discs while pregnant are not fun. I went for a massage and it worked wonders. Now I have to figure out how to get a massage every week.  It’s great walking upright. I just am trying to take it easy and to stop writing blog posts that sound so miserable.

How Big is the Baby at 17 Weeks?

This week, Itty Bitty is the size of a baked potato weighing nearly 5 ounces and is a little over 5 inches long. So this is the visual I get, every time I feel a kick or a weird sensation in the belly:

17 weeks pregnant with third child

Did you know this about your baby in your belly at 17 weeks pregnant?

  • At 17 weeks pregnant you are in month 4 of pregnancy.
  • Soon your baby will be able to hear you. 
  • Fat stores are beginning to develop under baby’s skin. 
  • Baby is practicing sucking and swallowing. 
  • Your 17 week old fetus is forming finger prints.

Yes, our 17 week old fetus is the size of a potato. Crazy how fast this kid is growing and how fast this third pregnancy happens.

Learn more about your 17 week old baby fetus at whattoexpect.com.

Here is more about what you can expect during pregnancy at 17 weeks.

Touch the Baby Belly

Now that you’re starting to show,Be ready for the tummy touches. Yes, it’s weird. If you don’t mind – embrace it, but if you don’t like people touching your pregnancy belly, say something. Draw clear boundaries when it comes to touching your baby belly.

Time to Eat – All the Time

Now that second trimester is here, chances are that pregnant appetite has also arrived. If you feel like you need to EAT ALL THE THINGS, know that this is totally normal for this period in your pregnancy journey.

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